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SKD Tactical PIG Brigandine SYSTEMA

I see loads of armor carriers. If anything, I’m jaded. But, every once in awhile, something different comes along. SKD came to me a few weeks ago and showed me this video and I have to say that it impressed me. Watch this video and tell me what YOU think.

Obviously, it looks different, but it is also scalable. You can go from a simple 11 oz chest rig all the way up to a full blown Plate Carrier with cummerbund and integrated pouches.

The modularity is thanks to the multiple component options. In addition to front and rear plate pockets (you can mix and match sizes), shoulder straps, cummerbunds, and rear storage systems, the PIG BRIG offers multiple chest rig systems (seen below).

Weight is mitigated by the “shoehorn” fit for the plates. It is a very tight fit but means that there is no slop and consequently, there is less fabric and less weight. Each PIG BRIG model is designed around a specific plate contour. Currently, the BRIG is available for ESAPI (4 sizes), the 10″ x 12″ Tap Gamma and the Velocity Systems/LTC ICW 10″ x 12″ Plate. Other plate shapes will be offered in the future.

Additionally, the PIG BRIG is designed with the straps attaching at a lower point than the top of the plate (like the PIG PC), allowing for a higher plate placement. Considering how many new pieces SKD had to introduce all at once, the SYSTEMA is impressive. But, to be honest, you’ve got to head over to SKD Tactical and read up on all of the options.



4 Responses to “SKD Tactical PIG Brigandine SYSTEMA”

  1. Jason says:

    That looks really interesting. Really really interesting. Seems to solve quite a few problems with one system and they’re all SKD products so you could pretty much set up an entire rig (or multiple rigs) with JUST them. That soft armor, hard armor mating is pretty cool too.

    Pricing is pretty incredible too considering how the mag pouches are all Esstac KYWIs (kydex) and are actually cheaper than the regular ones.

    My only question is….about all that velcro hanging about. You get mud and dirt or just anything you don’t want caught on it and how does that end?…..I suppose if you get dirt in the areas you’re not using, it won’t affect much since the clean parts will be shielded and still hold but still……

  2. Jason says:

    Still, impressive list of solutions and nice things from the PIG (TL:DR version):
    -Chest rig to plate carrier scalable, very quickly
    -Very light
    -Soft armor to hard armor mating very easy
    -Hydration linked to chest rig easily
    -Chest rig linked to plate carrier with velcro and secondarily G-Hooks
    -Chest rig weight is distributed across velcro surface, not concentrated at attachment points
    -Cummerbund sewed directly into back plate so no slop/extra weight
    -Front and back plates sized specifically for different plates
    -Not really an innovation but Esstac KYWIs are awesome
    -Switching between elastic or MOLLE cummerbund without removing anything.
    -Lower shoulder straps so plates ride better
    -AFC pontoons
    -H-harness or X-harness chest rig

    Maybe if they had lightweight velcro strips to cover up open areas of velcro not in use?

  3. ODG says:

    Great work Joe, looks good.

  4. SKD says:

    Wow- almost missed this. Thanks for the nice comments SSD! To be fair, while SYSTEMA may be the most configurable Plate Carrier/Chest Rig product family currently available, we recognize it is NOT the end-all-be-all for everyone. It is definitely on the lighter, simpler and more economical end of scalable systems out there. We have “heavier” setups in development, but for many mission profiles, SYSTEMA will get the job done in spades. As for the exposed loop velcro, most hook velcro “threats” will be just outside or below your firearms workspace area, in the form of pouch flaps on your belt, or on the outside of your sleeves and cuffs. Any part of the loop fastener that is unused may get dusty with heavy use, but that issue isn’t unsurmountable. I expect users will let us know if it becomes a major issue, which it hasn’t for the ABQ PD in the past year it’s been in service. In my estimation, the biggest hurdle regarding the amount of loop velcro will be that folks just aren’t used to how it looks. I definitely like the out-of-the-box angle for the “lightweight velcro strips” comment, but if you end up with 3 oz of “lightweight velcro strips”, you are basically adding 3 oz of weight to… cover up loop velcro… which may or may not rate that high on your functional priority list. 3 oz may not seem like a lot, but when you consider that you can one-wrap a CAT tourniquet onto the front of your BRIG for the same 3 oz, you can see where some ounces can be more valuable than others. Our design efforts had a very strict function-before-form standard with regards to weight, so if this thing didn’t “look” much different from other plate carriers, I’d say we didn’t have that much of a standard. We’ve played with Molle front and center on the BRIG, and if there is enough call for it we can revisit it, but since the BRIG profile mimics the exact dimensions of the plate it’s carrying- unlike the ginormous nylon footprint of some other molle carriers out there- there really isn’t too much room for Molle items up on the BRIG. Throw on a flag patch, name tape, unit ID, and get creative with some one wrap, and it should look “correct” for most users once again. Or, just look past the current plate carrier fashions and ask if SYSTEMA functionally addresses what you need out of your kit, and the fuzzy-faced BRIG may start looking better 🙂