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SOMA – Day 2

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office


11 Responses to “SOMA – Day 2”

  1. Eric S. says:

    Hey that looks familiar!

  2. GAK_PDX says:

    The tactical, wheeled, walrus!

  3. cartier007 says:

    is there anyone left to ride inside it???lol
    I have never see the probe device installed on it before

  4. Matty says:

    Jesus fucking christ. Why does a sheriffs department need that shit.

    • TM says:

      IED’s are a growing problem in central Florida.

    • straps says:

      Because blah blah blah well-ordered militia blah blah, the right of the people to execute undocumented transfers of firearms at gun shows and then take ’em home to prop them up behind their bedroom doors so they’re easily stolen shall not be abridged has A LOT of Sheriff’s deputies looking down the barrels of firearms that will penetrate anything less heavily armored.

      How about we do this: At every callout, responders draw straws, and the shortest straw rushes the next barricaded shooter. That vehicle is probably 2 LODD payouts. Does THAT make it any easier to swallow?

    • straps says:

      Hull is the wrong shape for IED protection.

  5. MLangUSMC says:

    What is that supposed to be used for? Breaking down doors?

  6. Lasse says:

    You guys really never watched that shit movie called “SWAT” ?