In Case You Were Still on the Fence About Cheaper Than Dirt

I think this speaks for itself…



29 Responses to “In Case You Were Still on the Fence About Cheaper Than Dirt”

  1. Pete says:

    So we are going to suspend online sales on moral grounds but fuck it….we’ll make a buck during the panic. Fucking sick.

  2. kaos kydex says:

    I saw DIY tactical post that CTD was also offering 1,000 of 5.56 for $900!!! Fucking poop dicks

  3. Johns381 says:

    I USED to buy from them but not anymore. I just got an email last week from their 12 days of Christmas specials, PMAGs 4 for 59 bucks, Wingham AR-15 for 859. Then the shooting happens on Friday and people start talking about limited mags and ARs prices have went through the roof. I’m all for capitalism but this is price gouging at it’s finest, no better than gas prices go way up after Sandy in NY, NJ.

  4. Evan says:

    wait…. so Pmags are cheaper in Canada now? Win!

  5. Johns381 says:

    I was looking at some .40 CCI Blazer ammo last week, saved it to my cart but didn’t buy. It went from 12.49 a box to 17.39 in a matter of what 4 business days.

  6. Ken says:

    I have done quite a bit of business with Cheaper Than Dirt, no longer. Playing politically correct by suspending firearm sales while price gouging on related items has forever added this company to my boycot list.

  7. Joe says:

    They did the exact same thing during the 2008 ramp up to/during/after the election…
    Will people never learn?
    F&ck CTD….

  8. Jeff says:

    Brownells has PMAGs for $12.99 ea or 10 for $125 in case anyone is looking for them.

  9. t says:

    i am confused. to me this looks like they are selling 30 pmags for that price. which would be a hell of a deal. but if in fact this is per pmag – my investment of pmags last month just went up 200%.

  10. Yessir says:

    Stick a fork in ’em.

  11. KentuckyKevin says:

    I just bought 1000 rounds of PNW Arms 5.56 with a box of their TacOps pistol and two boxes of Defensive Training pistol ammunition with Free Shipping for less than $460!!! Let’s show some love to the people who are still being fair throughout this thing.
    No clue how it shoots yet, but if it is anything like the rest of their ammo I’m looking forward to it.

  12. Angry Misha says:

    Ha!!! And when I told my Ex that I would turn the $10k I invested in ARs into 100k in 4 years she laughed. Who’s laughing now? Lol

  13. Matt says:

    They are also selling Surefire 100 round mags for $290

  14. kaos kydex says:

    This is the same company that charged $100 for a $10 Israeli gasmask, and $40 for a $20 water bob as soon as Doomsday Preppers became popular. Companies like this are not needed as far as I am concerned.

  15. FormerSFMedic says:

    I enjoy the humorous comments above. I’m gonna be THAT guy though.

    This is absolutely despicable! These dudes did the same shit during the election last month! Price gouging like this is aimed at the ill informed. Everyone of us needs to make damn sure we educate our fellow gun owners on these assholes so they don’t buy from them. These idiots would have done just fine with the panic the way it is but they took it too far. CTD does NOT support our Second Amendment rights.

  16. Micah says:

    Although I am upset the CTD, and please do not take this as me defending them, I can not find any of these PMAGS at this price. Granted I did find many that appear to be overpriced, not sure since I never seriously looked for AR15 mags prior to today. I picked up mine at the BX on base for $12. might get more tomorrow since my woman got upset with me for not buying another 1911. Her’s and His’ Colts was not good enough. Lucky me.

  17. Reverend says:

    CTD lost my business long ago with pisspoor service, they haven’t changed.

    But Dick’s Sporting Goods suspending sales of “modern sporting rifles” during this “period of mourning”? Yeah, Screw you DSG. You knee-jerk reactionary azzcrackers.

  18. Stoney says:

    I see that CTD has now lowered their price to a generous $29 for a PMAG. Kind of them.

  19. Rob says:

    I just got 30 rnd 3 Mags on Tuesday from Impact Guns. CTD was “out of stock” on all mags at the time…

    Price gouging mofo’s…

  20. Rob says:

    Glad I already got my AR and all the mags and ammo I need 🙂

  21. Matthew says:

    It’s not a particularly smart move, in terms of maintaining a good relationship with existing customers at the least, but it seems that some people are forgetting that CTD are a business, and isn’t the purpose of being in business to make the most amount of money possible, via as little effort as possible? Some mug, somewhere, will pay these prices, just be thankful that you all have the sense to spend your money elsewhere, where it has a greater effect.

  22. Anyone going to SHOT show this year needs to give these pieces of shit a piece of your mind- I know I will

  23. Josef Roesler says:

    I posted this in a forum to ensure it wouldn’t disappear when they sold out, then you’d no longer see what they did. Take a look.