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NavELite Compass in Action

The guys behind the wrist mounted, backlit, NVG-compatible compass have released this video showing its various attributes. And now, it works while submerged.


2 Responses to “NavELite Compass in Action”

  1. Ron says:

    Wow..what a video :/
    This compass looks great but that video was worthless and was really just about these 2 guys trying to look cool in the jungles of North carolina.

    • Andy says:

      The video was shot in a rural area near Tampa, FL! It was filmed and edited by my 14 year old son who just got a new GoPro camera. I thought he did such a great job learning how to use the camera and actually creating a video that we decided to post it. Not to worry…heading back to Afghanistan in a few weeks…we will be sure to get you some new video with the compass in use there…! Keep an eye out for that later this summer!

      – Andy