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SHOT Show – ITWNexus Advanced Products and Accessories


First off, ITW Military Products is now ITWNexus Advanced Products and Accessories. Second, they’d like your feedback on their upcoming development of additional models of the Grimloc. Below are four variants, the all black version is the current model. Counter-Clockwise from there is Grimloc XL, Grimloc Low Profile and finally the Grimlocissomo. Notice they all use the same arm, no matter the size of the overall Grimloc.

Those are to get your creative juices flowing. What would you like to see in the next generation of Grimloc? Leave your feedback in the comments section here.


6 Responses to “SHOT Show – ITWNexus Advanced Products and Accessories”

  1. Ben Branam says:

    The low profile looks good or an oval shape would be nice. Something wish a big bubble on the bottom and slim on top. I used these for years to hook my helmet when I wasn’t wearing it and gloves on the there side when not in use.

  2. Scribby says:

    Grimlocissomo would be great for flex cuffs.

  3. semperdanny says:

    First off, I love them! But, in my experiences with them, the biggest problem I’ve had with these was keeping weighted items locked in place even while hooked properly to molle. The weight tends to droop or sag the molle where its attached to and instead of the grimloc laying flat, it hangs over, leaving the release button easily exposed and accidental released when moving and shifting around, oftentimes being accidentally released by my weapon, sling or the helmet itself, when pushed up against my vest. To alleviate some of these issues, I would flip the grimloc upside down. I had to do this in Afghanistan when I used two of them on my chest to lock my THOR in place high on my back whenever we went on foot patrols. If you’ve ever had to carry the THOR, you know what a pain in the a** that can be! I first attached the grimlocs with the release buttons on top, but when I strapped the THOR in place, the grimlocs would raise and engage the release buttons against my vest. So, I flipped them over with the release button on the bottom, and as heavy as that thing got, the grimlocs would not give in and would stay locked until I hit that release button, and what a relief it was. The only things I would propose, is for a design that would keep it flat on your gear and possibly a backing behind the release button so it doesn’t get engaged accidentally. Other than that, I would keep them handy (and I still do) on my deployments and oftentimes give them out as thank you gifts or bartering deals 😉 People love them, and I can’t say enough about them. Thanks for the opportunity to let me share this with you guys and the SSD community. Semper Fi!

  4. Joe says:

    Think the low profile one would be a welcome addition.

  5. Dave the Rave says:

    I like the biggest one (the Grimlocissomo?) . One of my uses for them is to hold my gloves when I need to take them off. There are many times when I need better dexterity and take my gloves off. I hang my gloves on the Grimloc on my Condor belt to keep the gloves off the ground, keep them from getting lost, and keep them close.