SHOT Show – ITWNexus Advanced Products and Accessories Developmental Items

ITWNexus APA let us see behind the curtain to take a look at some upcoming products. Some are still so new they don’t even have names. As these are still developmental pieces they may be made from unusual colors. Final models will feature the standard color palette.


First up is a shotgun shell caddy that adapts to he front of the popular FastMag.


This attachment also allows the shotgun shell carrier to be attached directly to PALS webbing.


Next up is a 40mm carrier that accommodates two rounds. It is also compatible with both the FastMag as well as PALS-type webbing systems.


As you can see it incorporates a lid of sorts that helps keep the rounds in place.


This is something completely new for the division formerly known as ITW Military Products. They have developed a Mil Std 1913 foregrip. In the event you want to slide the grip down the rail and lock it into place, the detent buttons are fore and aft and it features two blocks to ensure it stays fast in the Picatinny rail’s grooves. Additionally, one side plate can be removed in case there are item already affixed to the rail and it can slid into place. To install you remove the side plate, select a position on the rail and rock it into place. Then you replace the side plate.


Although only featured in the top photograph APA has also developed an adapter for the FastMag that will allow the user to wear it sideways on the belt.


2 Responses to “SHOT Show – ITWNexus Advanced Products and Accessories Developmental Items”

  1. Jason says:

    For the shotgun and 40mm holders….meh. The first doesn’t do anything better than a shotgun card velcro’d to the weapon will. Smaller capacity, jutting out on your gear, etc.

    But the sliding vertical grip, that is interesting.