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Kyle Defoor Reduces Adjusts Round Counts for Courses

Trainer Kyle Defoor has taken a look at current ammo scarcity and adjusted the round count for his courses; balancing training objectives versus ammunition expended.

Adjusted Ammo Counts for 2013

With the recent spike of ammunition prices and scarce availability I have come up with an adjusted round count option of 400 total rounds for my OE 2 day pistol, carbine, or combo classes for those that want to train but supply/cost/availability of ammo is an issue.

Simplistically, some drills are simply cut in half, however there are some factors that many don’t consider which I’ve tried out with some custom and mil classes already this year. I have had no complaints so far, only positive remarks from those who I’ve done this with. Again, 400 rounds total for both days is possible. Hopefully this will help some out.



3 Responses to “Kyle Defoor Reduces Adjusts Round Counts for Courses”

  1. Rob says:

    Good to see this being addressed…with three courses on the list this year, I have similar concerns.

  2. Well said Kyle – I am in total agreement. The bottom line is to attend the training as planned because some training is better than no training

  3. Dave the Rave says:

    The one part of the firearms industry that’s actually taking a huge hit are the ranges. Because of the high price of ammo, people are using the ranges much less. When the ranges go out of business…