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Ammunition for Students of 2013 Vickers Tactical Classes

Larry Vickers posted this on his Facebook page. His classes have never been high round count affairs to begin with. LAV has always been about accuracy and willing to work with his students to ensure that they walk away trained. It’s great to see that he’s worked out ammunition sources of supply for his classes.

Based on the firearm and ammunition hysteria in the market in early 2013 I would like to put out some guidelines for students of my classes as well as information on sourcing ammo. Here goes;

1) Plan ahead; 400 rds per day is a good rule of thumb for my training classes – that number covers virtually all my curriculum. Your best bet is to shop around far in advance to purchase the ammo you need vs waiting until the last minute. In addition quality reloads are permitted in my classes ( see number 4 below )

2) Many of my drills can be structured for a reduced round count. For instance if you can only get 600 rds instead of 800 rds for a 2 day class we can make that work – remember any training is better than no training. I can adjust the drills to meet your ammo supply. My classes have always been quality vs. quantity with a heavy emphasis on accuracy so training won’t suffer with a slightly reduced round count

3) 22 LR is authorized for classes. I have had students bring rimfire for different reasons before and I would encourage you to come with a 22 caliber long gun or handgun before you skip the class altogether. Understand that rimfire firearms are not as functionally reliable as centerfire weapons so if possible do your homework to see what kind of ammo your rimfire likes best

4) Factory new ammo is available from G&R Tactical and remanufactured ammo is available for a slightly discounted price from Everglades ammunition in Florida. Currently 9mm, .40 and .45 ammo is readily available for Vickers Tactical students with 5.56mm ammo coming on line from Everglades in the May 2013 timeframe ( approx). To order ammo from Everglades contact Stephen Bender at [email protected] and tell him you are ordering ammo for one of my classes. The discount applies to the ammo needed for the class you are attending; any ammo you buy beyond that will be the normal price

If you have any questions contact me at [email protected]

Thanks and I’ll see you at the range!

Larry Vickers
Vickers Tactical Inc.
Host of TacTV


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