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Alias Training Revised Ammo Policy For 2013

We received this late last night that explains Alias Training’s blanket ammo and training policy.

Hello, Alias Training would like to announce a new set of clear and concise ammo policies that are in place until the current ammo situation corrects itself. Both Larry Vickers and Kyle Defoor have released their own statements and this one will mirror theirs exactly. It is intended to merely explain a few points a little farther and speak for Alias as a group.

– A new minimum of 400 rounds has been set for all Alias Training & Security Services associated 2-day classes. This is to be considered an absolute minimum. If this is all the ammo you can find or afford you will be good to go. All efforts will be made to minimalize the effects of shooting fewer rounds in the class. Honestly the class will be the same, you will just have the option of self-regulating your rounds fired per drill. Example; if the drill calls for four rounds, firing two will be OK. This is completely student self-regulating. Please be careful so you don’t over shoot one drill and miss out on another.

– *Very Important* If you have the standard ammo supply available this policy will not affect you at all. You will just be shooting the class normally. The instructors wanted me to be very clear on this.

– We have not had any restrictions on remanufactured ammo for years but to reiterate it is completely fine in our classes.

– .22 weapons are completely fine. Same with .22 conversion kits.

– We are working with several manufacturers & suppliers to ensure ammo availability for our classes. Some instructors have or are working on their own deals. Other suppliers are going to be helping Alias as a whole. If you cannot find ammo for a class contact Paul at Alias Training ( and I will point you in the right direction.

I would like to thank the world-class instructors associated with Alias Training & Security Services for looking out for our customers during this situation.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free contact me anytime day or night.

Thank you,

Paul Hotaling


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