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Geissele Automatics SHOT Show Follow Up

In this week’s Canipe Correspondence, he mentioned four new products from Geissele Automatics. Fortunately, our friend SMG Lee took some great photos of these items.

Geissele SMR MKIV rail. I was an early adopter of the Geissele hand guard for the HK416, and I have a few each of the MKI and MKII rails for the AR series. The MKIV version utilizes a lightened barrel nut and a slimmed down hand guard that is skeletonized to remove all unneeded material, while still maintaining the strength the previous variants are known for. It has fixed rails at the front where you need them, QD cups for sling attachment, and is trimmed down for a low profile and firm grip everywhere else. They also showed a new gas block that will be my new standard, and a Glock optic mount and magazine well under their ALG brand. Look for those soon as well.

First off is the new gas block.


Here you can compare the new Mk IV rail with the Super Rail released last year.


And here it is from the top.


SMG Lee had this to say about the new rail –

Few points of interest…
1. the enlarged cooling slots are to reduce weight while not giving up any rigidity
2. the new collar for the lock bolts are design to be foolproof, so if you happen to strip the threads on the locking collar, you can always have it replaced instead of having to replace the entire rail.
3. the light weight barrel nut has been through a patented anodizing process that is only used in high friction automotive components, this process enable Geissele to produce a lighter and more durable end product.
4. Build in sling QD swivel points
5. Relief cuts all around the rail to lighten even more weight.
6. the rail to receiver interface are redesigned to maintain the rigid interface but at the same time reduce more weight.

Overall, this is one of the BEST rail design i have seen in a long time, it is definitely worth your investment for your next carbine build.


Next up is the new 6 Second Mount named, according to SMG Lee, by a…

unit that conduct a lot of hostage rescue work. this was requested for work in long and confined hallway such as a fuselage….6 second to get in and engaged and eliminate threat on demand…..


And here is the new Magwell.

Geisele Magwell

Geisele Magwell


17 Responses to “Geissele Automatics SHOT Show Follow Up”

  1. Keydet08 says:

    I need that pistol in my life.

  2. Just Some Guy says:

    I’m digging the Glock mount.
    Holster options leave me scratching my head, though…

  3. walter shumate says:

    Holy F-‘in Race Glock!

  4. TCBA_Joe says:

    I find it funny that now that Geissele has a light/optic mount it’s high speed, but when they were made by FAB, Mako, Sig, CAA, etc… they were “airsoft garbage”.

    • Trajan says:

      That’s because unlike FAB, Mako, Sig, and CAA, Geissele makes great products.

      I want that Glock.

      • Andrew says:

        I think that every bit of height over bore you can save while mounting an optic to a handgun is absolutely crucial. That Geissele option looks too bulky, with the optic sitting too high IMO. The holster options will also be terribly limited. Only advantage would be a stationary optic, which isn’t nearly worth the compromise in my eyes.

        IMO Unity Tactical easily has the best option currently available with their Atom slide. Not only does it mount the optic MUCH lower, but unlike most slides milled for optics you are not committed to that optic should something better come out down the line.

        • straps says:

          mounting to the slide is a great solution for people who don’t (a) pay to replace busted optics (b) bet their lives that the optic will outlive the next magazine they fire.

          • SSD says:

            I’m hearing from guys that are mounting directly to the slide that it is beating the hell out of the optic, regardless of make.

          • Andrew says:

            9 times out of 10 if your optic broke simply under recoil, there would be no out of pocket loss as the company should stand behind it. Of course this would require you be running a quality optic from a reputable manufacturer in the first place. This would be the T1 or the RMR, both of which have companies with squared away CS.

            Your (b) comment is a bit too much of a blanket statement for my taste. First, there are more than a few people currently running slide mounted RDS on their duty/work pistols with very good results. Talk to docGKR about this (You’ve probably already seen his posts if you are the same straps on LF). Secondly, you can run BUIS with the pistol mounted RDS, adding a second layer of security.

            Of course (as someone else has mentioned) the ideal solution would be a ground up handgun design that incorporated a “pillar” of sorts that extended up from the frame through the slide that the optic mounted to, keeping it stationary, while NOT being mounted extremely high, or forward (to help with holster options). That said, we are not there yet and, IMO, of the limited options currently available, the slide mounted RDS (specifically from Unity) is the best solution.

        • C. Reed says:


          This gun, optic, mount combination isn’t meant for usage with a holster. The role it’s intended to fulfill is for the user to hold the gun with one hand while climbing a ladder at full speed, get inside the airplane and eliminate the threats in under 6 seconds, having this gun in a holster(even one that’s designed for this gun set up) would slow the user down when time is crucial and lives are at stake. Even after eliminating all the bad guys they have no time to holster their pistols, they have to clear the rest of the plane, then move the hostages off board, where guys on the ground with guns will secure and zip tie the hostages and move them to another location, after the plane is cleared the guys can hold their guns in one hand and go down the ladder they came from, or they can go down the emergency escape slide.

          Cheers, C. Reed

          • threeseven says:

            Wait a second – I may be out of my lane here but did you seriously just justify the lack of holster compatibility by saying ‘Whatever, dude can just run around with the pistol in his hand all the time’? And did you just suggest it was faster to climb a ladder with a loaded pistol in one hand than to climb with both hands and unholster at the top? Have you ever climbed a ladder?

          • Ken says:

            37, I believe that falls under the heading “sarcasm”.

  5. SGT Rock says:

    I take anything that SMGLee says w/a grain of salt.

  6. Nick says:

    I’m not a fan of how it fits around the ejection port. I would want more clearance.

  7. Luke says:

    glock wouldn’t work for me 🙁

    I shoot left-handed, high thumbs. any gun with that restricted of an ejection port (ala my brother’s hi-power) results in the brass bouncing right back inside.