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Geissele Automatics SHOT Show Follow Up

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

In this week’s Canipe Correspondence, he mentioned four new products from Geissele Automatics. Fortunately, our friend SMG Lee took some great photos of these items.

Geissele SMR MKIV rail. I was an early adopter of the Geissele hand guard for the HK416, and I have a few each of the MKI and MKII rails for the AR series. The MKIV version utilizes a lightened barrel nut and a slimmed down hand guard that is skeletonized to remove all unneeded material, while still maintaining the strength the previous variants are known for. It has fixed rails at the front where you need them, QD cups for sling attachment, and is trimmed down for a low profile and firm grip everywhere else. They also showed a new gas block that will be my new standard, and a Glock optic mount and magazine well under their ALG brand. Look for those soon as well.

First off is the new gas block.


Here you can compare the new Mk IV rail with the Super Rail released last year.


And here it is from the top.


SMG Lee had this to say about the new rail –

Few points of interest…
1. the enlarged cooling slots are to reduce weight while not giving up any rigidity
2. the new collar for the lock bolts are design to be foolproof, so if you happen to strip the threads on the locking collar, you can always have it replaced instead of having to replace the entire rail.
3. the light weight barrel nut has been through a patented anodizing process that is only used in high friction automotive components, this process enable Geissele to produce a lighter and more durable end product.
4. Build in sling QD swivel points
5. Relief cuts all around the rail to lighten even more weight.
6. the rail to receiver interface are redesigned to maintain the rigid interface but at the same time reduce more weight.

Overall, this is one of the BEST rail design i have seen in a long time, it is definitely worth your investment for your next carbine build.


Next up is the new 6 Second Mount named, according to SMG Lee, by a…

unit that conduct a lot of hostage rescue work. this was requested for work in long and confined hallway such as a fuselage….6 second to get in and engaged and eliminate threat on demand…..


And here is the new Magwell.

Geisele Magwell

Geisele Magwell

Geissele Offering Limited Edition Noveske Memorial Triggers at SHOT Show

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

In memory of John Noveske, Geissele Automatics is doing a special run of their popular SSF triggers. There will be a limited run of 100 triggers, each with its own number. They will be available at SHOT this year at our booth #15159 and I expect them to go FAST. All proceeds will be donated to The Noveske Family. Graphics by TenPound Monkey.