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Geissele Offering Limited Edition Noveske Memorial Triggers at SHOT Show

In memory of John Noveske, Geissele Automatics is doing a special run of their popular SSF triggers. There will be a limited run of 100 triggers, each with its own number. They will be available at SHOT this year at our booth #15159 and I expect them to go FAST. All proceeds will be donated to The Noveske Family. Graphics by TenPound Monkey.

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11 Responses to “Geissele Offering Limited Edition Noveske Memorial Triggers at SHOT Show”

  1. Marty Grissle says:

    Im sure the people that gets them will gouge sell them on ebay. Anyway, the trigger should have a seat belt on it and the words use it…..

    • Scott Free says:

      “the trigger should have a seat belt on it and the words use it…”

      Why not…I’d be happy to buy one so I could shove it right up your ass, you disrespectful prick.

    • LOL says:

      that’s classic marty

  2. Kurt says:

    I have to preface this with all due respect…I know this will sound harsh on its surface, but I mean it respectfully, and Im just looking for an answer, not denigration.

    John Noveske has a very successful and profitable rifle company when he passed away, why are donations needed to his family ?

    • Marty Grissle says:

      +1 maybe the money should go to preserve the right to keep arms…I think that is what he would want and keep his brand going

    • SSD says:

      His wife wants any money raised to be donated to his children.

      • Kurt says:

        Understood, but I am still at a loss. He and his family has to be millionaires by now from the rifle company. What would they need donations for ?? I can understand it when fallen police officers have a memorial..they are usually making 45 grand a year with a family and kids left behind..

        Again, totally respectful, I am just trying to understand the purpose of it all.

        • Scott Free says:

          Do you have any idea what it costs to run a manufacturing company in the firearms industry? I have a pretty good idea based on the fact that I have been a Manufacturing Engineer for over 12 years with a company in Grants Pass, OR. where Mr. Noveske’s company is located. I know what it costs for machinery, tooling, employee wages, material costs, overhead such as monthly power bills, insurance, etc. etc….. Profit margins for smaller manufacturing companies are not what everyone thinks they are. Was he a millionaire? I don’t know but I doubt it. Even if he was, the bottom line is that the donations are for his children.

  3. SketchyEndeavour says:

    What’s the donation amount for the trigger? Anyone know?

  4. Steven says:

    Any way to get one of these other than going to SHOT? I’d put one in my Noveske rifle.