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Magpul Dynamics Pricing and Ammunition Requirement Update

Magpul Dynamics sent us this announcement. With ammo prices going through the roof, when you can even find it, training ammo is going to be an issue. Magpul Dynamics is adapting to the reality of the situation.

In an effort to make training more accessible in these times of increased prices and reduced availability, Magpul Dynamics has updated their pricing structure, round counts, and acceptable calibers for the 2013 training year.

Effective immediately, all three-day classes are reduced to $600 per student, and two-day classes are reduced to $450 per student. In addition, the curriculum has been revised for all pistol/carbine courses based on the changes occurring over the past year to allow for maximum training value at a slightly reduced round count. Also, we are temporarily allowing the use of pistol-caliber carbines and 22LR AR-15 pattern training rifles in the carbine classes. Please understand that there are many drawbacks to training with 22LR as opposed to normal rifle platforms, but significant training value will still exist. We expect a full return to allowing rifle-caliber rounds only in the future as the ammunition supply catches up with current demand and ammunition prices return to a reasonable level. However, we understand the financial burden placed on students with the current state of the economy and the rapid rise in retail pricing in the ammunition industry. We firmly believe in the value of quality firearms training and are committed to providing quality products and services at a fair price.

Duane, Steve, Caylen, and Jon



2 Responses to “Magpul Dynamics Pricing and Ammunition Requirement Update”

  1. Paul says:

    Whether or not new gun legislation passes, gun banners have already caused enormous harm to the shooting sports in our country. By driving up the cost of guns and ammunition, they are effectively pricing them out of the hands of many. Granted, other market considerations (e.g. the price of raw commodities like brass and copper as well as the demand from DoD for the war effort) also drove up the price of guns and ammunition. Nevertheless, the constant threat of bans, regulations, and/or increased taxation is effectively “banning” guns for many. If this keeps us, all of us will be taking Magpul Dynamics course using airsoft weapons…or maybe even slingshots. That is of course, until the gun banners go after tactical training companies (I can hear it now: “Why does anybody need to be trained like a soldier?”)

    Elections have conseqeuneces and right now we are on the receiving end of those consequences.