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Henson Ong Testifies at Gun Violence Prevention Public Hearing in Hartford, Conn


14 Responses to “Henson Ong Testifies at Gun Violence Prevention Public Hearing in Hartford, Conn”

  1. Nick says:

    I think this man made some very rational and great points.

  2. Palehorse1 says:

    Thank you Mr. Ong. It’s naturalized citizens like yourself that prove yet again that many of you know more about your new home, and are more passionate about the rights provided by that naturalization than many of those who were provided the luxury of being born in the United States.

  3. Outstanding !! Let’s help this go viral !!

  4. Stone06 says:

    This gentleman is why this country is phenominal!

  5. The Stig says:

    This guy is awesome.

  6. Sgt B says:

    Saw this yesterday and was happy to see someone who made valid points and wasn’t acting like a jackass. I hope some of the people who believe taking away people’s liberties get to watch this.

  7. ODG says:

    More well spoken and articulate than most people born here that have tried to debate this topic. We should send him over to be James Yager’s PR manager!

  8. John O says:

    I felt privileged to be in the same building with Henson. Occasionally it takes a naturalized American to tell others about the rights and liberty they take for granted.

  9. I call this man, a TRUE American. A prime example of true LEGAL immigration like many families before him who know the value of our constitution.

  10. Tim says:

    This is what being a true immigrant And coming to America is all about. I love this man.

  11. corsair says:

    Really, really well done.

  12. Patrick says:

    I thought this was amazing. He’s about as far away from the left’s portrayal of a gun-nut as anyone can be.

  13. Fox says:

    We can do it!!! Stand together!!! Hold the line!!!

  14. Reverend says:

    It’s those that lived in repression that appreciate freedom, more so than those born with freedoms, and desire luxury.