‘American Sniper’ Author Chris Kyle Murdered – Suspect in Custody – Updated Sunday 2100 CST

I’m quite saddened to report that police have discovered two dead at Rough Creek Lodge in Texas. One victim has been identified as Chris Kyle, former US Navy SEAL and author of the best seller, “American Sniper.” As of Sunday morning, the second victim has been identified as close friend, 35 year old Chad Littlefield of Midlothian, Texas. Law Enforcement is treating the deaths as homicides.


Erath County, Texas Sheriff investigators stated that they have identified a suspect and that he should be treated as armed and dangerous, having military training. As head of Craft International, Chris often trained at Rock Creek Lodge, a well known resort offering Golf, Fishing, Hunting and Shooting Sports.


Whether training others to responsibly handle firearms, honing the skill of his fellow warriors or raising funds to help the wounded heal, Chris stood with his fellow Americans as a hero. Tragically, we understand that it was during a wounded warrior event that the fatalities occurred. Chris leaves behind his wife Taya and two children. We are diminished by his loss.

Local news outlets are reporting that the murders occurred between 3 and 4 PM and that just before 9 PM CST they apprehended suspect Eddie Ray Routh over 70 miles away in Lancaster, Texas. The suspect fled the scene in Kyle’s pickup. 25 year old Routh is a Texas native and authorities are seeking a capital murder warrant. Routh is said to be a USMC Veteran and a PTSD sufferer, although there has been not motive disclosed in the murders. He has been arraigned and is being held on a $3 Million bond.

UPDATE – Apparently, the three were at a range at about 3:15 on the property and were discovered by a hunting guide about two hours later. Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant has disclosed that Routh used a semiauto handgun in the slayings and shot both victims multiple times.

Further details have emerged. Apparently, Routh drove to his sister’s home in Midlothian and told his sister and brother-in-law about the crime and they contacted authorities after he had left. reports that jailers had to tase an unruly Routh when the prisoner refused to turn in his tray after dinner. He is reportedly restrained to a chair in his cell.

We will continue to update this story as we receive additional information.

The Erath County Sheriff has released this photo of suspect, Eddie Ray Routh. Normally we don’t show photos of accused murderers but, as Routh is a former Marine, some of you may know him.

Eddie Ray Routh


80 Responses to “‘American Sniper’ Author Chris Kyle Murdered – Suspect in Custody – Updated Sunday 2100 CST”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    WTF is wrong with this country? To go through all he saw and did, to go out like this is a crying shame. Fry the bastards!

    • Wendell says:

      This was a real American hero and a good man and patriot! I’m glad Texas still has the death penalty!

  2. James says:

    Chris you will be sadly missed down here… But I am certain you are carrying on your next mission up there… God speed!

  3. Ephraim says:

    This new update is horrible. Rest Warrior.

    Why $3million for bail?

    • erick says:

      Bail is not supposed to be punative; its purpose is to ensure the appearence of the defendant. I’m guessing they asked for & received a significant bail increase to ensure he cannot get out of custody before the arraignment.

      • josh says:

        god forbid if tha man is filthy rich……. then what? just another murderer free on tha streets. lord knows we dont need no more of those

  4. Doc B says:

    I truly hope that the guilty party gets an abrupt tour of scenic Huntsville, once their guilt is determined. No one deserves an end like these gentlemen got, service and dedication aside. A quality person is a quality person, after all.

    I feel for their families, and extend my sympathy.

  5. Heemer says:

    I have no words for such a…..event like this. RIP my bother in arms. I will pray for your family. You taught me lots my friend.

  6. Dave the Rave says:

    May God bless his family with comfort and peace.

  7. Mark says:

    God bless his family during these tragic times. A true American hero. Words can’t describe the loss.

  8. Rider says:

    Huge loss and I pray for the family- but also remember he volunteered to murder over 250 people by his own count with out remorse under the guise of patriotism and then profited from it by selling a book…..Im just saying….

  9. Charles Holleran says:

    What is the shame now is all the good veterans that could have been helped by Chris if he were not killed

  10. rocky says:

    Honestly …. if ur so fast to judge him then maybe next time there is major deployment of troops to the frontline…. maybe ur fuckstick ass should stand in front of him….js