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The Gear Locker Covers FHF’s Tactical Muff Hand Warmer

The Gear Locker has published a review of the FHF Gear Tactical Muff Hand Warmer we first mentioned in November 2011.

Their verdict? “It Works Great!” See their full review at www.thegearlocker.net/2013/02/fhfs-tactical-muff-hand-warmer.

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2 Responses to “The Gear Locker Covers FHF’s Tactical Muff Hand Warmer”

  1. J to the T says:

    Yes it does. I ran it yesterday with a couple of chem hand warmers inside, toasty digits all day long.

  2. mike says:

    I got one of these (in woodland!) last year after you ran the story. I used in of a February hike/camp trip shortly after and not only did it keep my hands nice and warm, it also kept my SIG 220 out of sight and in reach.