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Private Bloggins Asks, “What Color is Your Rack?”

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the TRACE Systems Green Kit from Canada’s CTOMS. We were impressed that someone had produced a great rack setup for military mountaineers but some readers complained about the tactical color of the gear.


On CTOMS’ Private Bloggins site, they addressed some of the issues raised on SSD in a post entitled, “What Color is Your Rack?” What we love about their piece is that they went out and demonstrated the reason they developed the green kit in the first place by sharing photos of climbers with commercial climbing gear. It’s definitely worth a read whether you are a military mountaineer or just interested in camouflage.

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2 Responses to “Private Bloggins Asks, “What Color is Your Rack?””

  1. m5 says:

    Well done CTOMS! The critics should now admit their failure, and consider eating up their colorful kit :).

    The pics demonstrate well how the very-wrong colors stand out even at a distance. And even in case of relatively small pieces of kit. For closer observation range, or magnifying optics, the effect would be stronger still.

    Taping, spray painting, mud and whatever are the usual ways to address insufficiently camouflaged items. Such methods are inherently unreliable for camouflaging kit that is of very wrong color from the beginning. The mods tend to wear off, and the exposed bright wrong color is unacceptable even for a small area.

    It’s much better having it right from the beginning. In the particular case of climbing equipment, modifications are a no-no, potentially compromising the climbing-safety of the kit, and thus rendering it dangerous and totally irresponsible.

    Way to go, CTOMS!

  2. ChrisK says:

    The concern was quickly identifying cam/chock size based on color which is easily solves by a small band of colored tape if anyone so desires. But you’re right, painting etc. climbing gear is certainly not optimal. Beyond that, there are many additional advantageous practical features of the GREEN Kit other than just color. Thanks for the comment.