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Edge Observer Covers the Kangee and Chogan Tomahawks from CRKT

Edge Observer covers CRKT’s Kangee and Chogan tomahawks that we mentioned during SHOT Show. Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical designed these two hawks.

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2 Responses to “Edge Observer Covers the Kangee and Chogan Tomahawks from CRKT”

  1. Major_Northeast_City says:

    I have a ‘Jenny Wren’ Hawk made for me by RMJ last summer which is superb, as it’s length of 11.5 inches and weight of 18 oz. allows for a perfect fit into my backpack.
    At this low price point I just might have to get a CRKT ‘Kangee’ hawk.
    These really have Ryan Johnson’s masterful and distinctive design influence… you can’t go wrong with these.

    They make for superb light to medium breaching tools and in an emergency storm, hurricane, blackout, terrorist attack, building collapse, car crash/accident, self defense etc. can be a life saver.

  2. Lew says:

    Edge Observer makes some straight pornographic videos, such a great site.