FN Evolys Light Machine Gun

HSP – Weaver vs Isoceles

Ron Avery of Haley Strategic introduces simple tips and snap shots of the Disruptive Science (D5) Program. For more information on the D5 Program visit haleystrategic.com/training

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4 Responses to “HSP – Weaver vs Isoceles”

  1. Bb says:

    http://ttom.it/-R5HvhK1Rhrp SS if you can’t download this video to watch here then copy and paste it to ur text on your phone and click to play

  2. Todd Camper says:

    Lol I thought it was Mickey Rourke

    • SSD says:

      Ron is way better looking than Mickey Rourke. You’ve obviously never seen him in shorts.

  3. Travis says:

    That was a good little instructional! I’ve had countless hours of drills and training, but pistol work was never my strong suit. I think it was my hips…thanks, Ron!