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Vertx Is One Big Tease

There’s something wrong with this. Why tease us Vertx? Why? Vertx posted this to their Facebook page.

Vertx is One Big Tease

WARNORD: Next weekend, a week from now, we will be having a contest. 3 choices for a prize: a pair of Phantom LT pants or one of 2 earth-tone sweaters with MC on shoulders and elbows (both size XL). These are product development samples we don’t currently intend to make. The contest: Vertx in action. ONCE WE ADVISE IT HAS STARTED, post a cool picture to our wall. The pictures with the most fan likes will win. Start figuring out your picture now, but don’t post it yet.



3 Responses to “Vertx Is One Big Tease”

  1. Captain Smoof says:

    Wow. Big want!! Genius.

  2. Terry says:

    Ooh, I’d totally buy a modern Howard Green jumper, especially in MC.

  3. Haji says:

    Remember people, if you don’t win it, you can’t have it. They DO NOT intend to offer these in their regular line.