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Canipe Correspondence – Tim Lau Weighs In On Carrying a Gun

It’s really cool when an article spawns discussion elsewhere. Tim Lau expanded on Canipe’s “Carry a Gun” post in an article for the Modern Service Weapons Blog entitled, “Why Carry A Gun?” While iIt’s worth checking out to get an additional, but similar viewpoint, MSW is a blog also worth keeping up with.

I frequently hear co-workers tell me they do not carry a gun away from work for various reasons. These reasons range from simply being lazy or the gun being “uncomfortable” to stating that they wouldn’t want to involve their family in something so they leave the gun at home. Despite Emeryville (CA) Police Chief’s claim that guns aren’t a defensive weapon, the National Crime Victimization Survey and National Survey of Private Ownership of Firearms indicate that Americans use firearms to defend themselves between 108,000 to 1.5 million times a year. Additionally, according to the NCVS, resisting violent crime with a firearm is the most effective form of self defense resulting in the least amount of injury to the victim, including resisting with pepper spray, mace, hands/feet, or even being completely compliant.

Read the rest of the post here – modernserviceweapons.com

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One Response to “Canipe Correspondence – Tim Lau Weighs In On Carrying a Gun”

  1. James Bliss says:

    I would imagine that concealed carry is also leading to a higher number of civilians being trained in the safe handling of firearms whether through compulsory CCW courses or private instruction. When people receive training in the safe handling of firearms it’s less likely they will be involved in a firearms related accident. For example, the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gun-Safe program has reached over 18 million children and we’ve seen deaths of children involving accidental firearms discharges reach record lows.