Abuse It and You’ll Lose It

Commenting on SSD articles is a privilege and not a right. I know some folks just can’t control themselves and have a little voice in their head that tells them to create an anonymous log in and say crazy stuff. However, most of us are sane adults. I’d like to keep it that way. As of late posting has once again gotten way out of hand. My rule of thumb is to not say anything in the comments section of SSD that you wouldn’t be willing to say in person. And, I’m seeing comments made and when the poster is questioned they don’t come back and justify their position. We welcome spirited debate, so long as it’s backed up by reason. This isn’t a forum for drivebys.

Self police or we will end up revamping the comments section which means requiring everyone to register and use valid email addresses.

21 Responses to “Abuse It and You’ll Lose It”

  1. Jack says:

    “Lawrence says:
    February 11, 2013 at 14:15
    Sorry, but – YAWN….’

    See what you did??

  2. FreedomNavySealSniper says:

    “Commenting on SSD articles is a privilege and not a right.”

    Ever heard freedom of speech? Yeah I thought you haven´t.
    Communist & Obama supporter!

    • SSD says:

      Thank you for commenting from Finland, and making my point.

    • Howie says:

      “Ever heard freedom of speech? Yeah I thought you haven´t.
      Communist & Obama supporter!”

      Guess what, freedom of speech applies to the public, and not to blogs. I respect the right of the admin to censor that which they deem offensive.

    • Giovani says:

      Gods. Seriously? He just said. ::facepalm::

    • Brian says:

      “Freedom of speech” is not protected between private parties. It is a protection from governmental interference. Since, SSD is not the government…let’s see if you’re intelligent enough to draw a logical conclusion.

    • Bryan says:

      I never been accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer but I’m pretty sure “FreeNavySealSniper” was being sarcastic.

  3. bob says:

    I don’t usually comment on forums/pages that require a login, but I’d support it on SSD. The trolls have been working overtime lately.

  4. T3 Gear says:

    SSD is a rare place in which you can hold educated debate and find up to date information on everything in this industry. Remember that before you post something that may(attempt to) take away from that people.

  5. Tim L. says:

    I have no problem with SSD requiring a login to make comments. However, I think this will create more work for the staff and won’t keep many from posting their uneducated comments.

  6. MATBOCK_CEO says:

    BLUF: Act like an adult and support SSD wishes or stop visiting his great site.

    As a company, there is no better outlet than SSD to connect with the industry. Immediately after an article is posted we get instant customer feedback. As a customer, SSD provides a great source for up to date gear and equipment but also informs us into larger industry issues / conerns. SSD pays the bills for the site which gives him ever right to monitor and control what goes on (or not on) his site. We will support SSDs decision and hope everyone else will do the same.

  7. Eric B says:

    Thanks again for the excellent site and the OPPORTUNITY to comment. I hope people grow up and keep comments pertinent and informed…if only occasionally snarky and in good fun. I would hate to lose the opportunity, but if it is eliminated due to the trolls then I support SSD and the decision. Keep up the excellent work!

  8. MrBojangles says:

    Look, freedom of speech isn’t the issue. The issue is far too many people act as if they are part of the Occupy Movement. Since the dawn of the internet comments section, people have used well or abused well the concept of “forum”. Most people can self regulate and live a life of varying degrees of principle. Then there are those that believe they need not be accountable. Plain and simple. Ignore the self chosen paths of the unaccountable, and as the ones that live by principle watch them stumble through to place there trash where everyone can see, have faith that the garbage will find its proper home.

  9. I’m in total agreement Eric and support your position 100% – hence why I always use my full name when posting anywhere on the Internet

    Don’t say anything here you wouldnt say to someone’s face – spot on

  10. LAPD Pro-2nd Ammendment says:

    My apologies to SSD and the posters on the La Rue Tactical post, that I argumentatively engaged. It was a long week (no excuse), and attacked folks for their positions in a way that was clearly improper and unprofessional. I should have pushed back from the keyboard, when I felt my blood-pressure rising from getting singled out by La Rue. LAT’s position appeared to single us out, when in reality, their decision was based on what I, and most of you have fought, and continue to fight for. The freedom to make any lawful decision they/we want, no matter what anyone else thinks… So again, my apologies for acting like a jackass. Stay Safe!

    • SSD says:

      Believe it or not, while that did get a bit heated, I wasn’t talking about you. You used reason in your arguments.

  11. reverend says:

    I appreciate the forum, and the differing points of view. However, it’s YOUR site, you do what is necessary to allow it to work most effectively. No need in some wonks causing problems for everyone.