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Mobile GPS Retransmission “Snake” Kits

I recently found out about these Mobile GPS Retransmission “Snake” Kits. This thing is awesome. Essentially, it receives a GPS signal and then retransmits it inside a vehicle or aircraft. Unless your device is connected to an external antenna it won’t update reliably inside the platform because oftentimes the GPS signal will not penetrate the skin. In fact, the GPS Live Inside technology was developed for use with the C17. By keeping your GPS devices up-to-date during a transit, you can continue mission planning and increase situational awareness both enroute to and on an objective.

Snake Kit

The GLI-ECHO II is the brains of these “snake” kits, offering 4 key safety features:
-Power Control
-Jam Detection
-Built-In-Test (BIT
-Fault Isolation

The kit already has Safety of Flight Approval from the USAF Mobility Command Systems Group on several aircraft platforms. Additionally, it can be installed by the user and additional configurations are available. ADS Inc offers these kits and they can assemble a set up to accommodate your mission equipment and air or ground vehicle.

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