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This Is How I Keep My Pants Up

I use the Arc’teryx Conveyor Belt to keep my pants up. The Conveyor Belt features an aluminum buckle and texturized nylon webbing with colored stitch details. Nothing super fancy here guys, it isn’t a gun belt but it does look good with my pants.


Offered in Black and Nubian Brown in Medium or Large. You’ll need to do a web search to find these as availability is somewhat fragmented based on color and size.


8 Responses to “This Is How I Keep My Pants Up”

  1. CHP says:

    Will it work as a gunbelt, or is it too soft?

  2. Pat says:

    Nice! I think this would be perfect to wear when, putting a warbelt on over it. Double stacking cobra belts becomes cumbersome, and uncomfortable after a while.

    • mike says:

      it seems that the center post and the two outer posts are at odds for that usage. The center post would likely stick into you being pushed by the additional belt on top.

  3. Airborne fister says:

    How’s it work for a dude who is in a wheel chair. Damn Motorcycles and afghanistan. But does is it easy to adjust and can it go though belt loops easily

    • SSD says:

      It goes through belt loops great but I think you’ll have some issues adjusting it. For you, I recommend that you go with a three stitch frequent flyer belt from The Wilderness. I wear one of those whenever I am traveling and it is super easy to put on and adjust.

  4. taskins says:

    I used this as my gun belt all weekend at the Costa Ludas HE01. It worked well and never lost its stability. I will say that it is not as easy as a cobra type buckle to get on and off. But if you want a quality belt that you can use on and off the range without looking like a range guy this is a good alternative. has some in stock depending on your size.