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Australian Getaway

From Hardcore Hardware Australia.


11 Responses to “Australian Getaway”

  1. Tobias P says:

    Link’s broken, should be http://www.hardcorehardware.com.au/ (the Brits do .co.uk, the Aussies have .com.au)

  2. JM says:

    well done

  3. SGT Rock says:

    Mmph… I’m kinda over the whole zombie thing. :-\

  4. Terry says:

    I’d have liked to see the zombie getting ruined with the tomahawk. The rifle was a little too clinical.

  5. 96C says:

    Very well put together video!
    HHA as a business has it figured out I think, they’re always running giveaways and support customers with upgrades and are always innovating in the background.

    Using a tomahawk on human actors is a bit rough… Insurance companies probably wouldn’t cover that I’m guessing.

    • Terry says:

      Their products, service and support are excellent. I just wish they used better quality nylon components (I’m pretty sure all their stuff is manufactured by Plat-A-Tac). It’s not exactly _bad_ (better than say US issue MOLLE gear or Gerber) but not up to the standards that I’m used to with my SORD, Kifaru and High Speed Gear products.

  6. Pete says:

    A 1911 and a Blaser? I thought those kinds of freedom were denied in Oz.

  7. Terry says:

    We can get some semi-automatic pistols, the 1911 included, as long as they are over a certain length and have a mag capacity of 10 rounds or less. The process for getting a license for one is long, expensive and painful. Special dispensation is required for a .45.

    Bolt action rifles are relatively easy to get (a license will still take 3-6 months, depending on whether the police feel like processing your request or not) but there are surprisingly few limitations; They can’t be a .50, have to be over a certain length and must not have a folding stock.

    Unless you’re a farmer, you can pretty much forget about getting your hands on a semi-automatic rifle or pump action shotgun though.

    • Gusto says:

      The biggest problem is finding a gun club down here that isn’t full of fat right wing nerds who say things like “what makes you think you can join our club?”.
      I’m not the only one who is ex military running into this problem.I work with many ex military and LEOs who complain about the same thing. Guys i know have actually sold their weapons because of the unsociable environment at gun clubs or road block put up by clubbers not allowing them to compete……great video by the way…I also find SORD gear to be better quality…I’m lucky i get to shoot at work on a monthly basis at least.

  8. Benno says:

    You sure can get .50, but only if you live in certain states.