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Costa on the Line with Hollywood

Chris Costa with Falcon Ops Group‘s Hollywood shooting the HE02 drill. Video by Dynamite Marketing and Advertising.

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18 Responses to “Costa on the Line with Hollywood”

  1. Wow,

    I love the theatrics! Cute really…Ugggh.

    Have a good one,

  2. Vince says:

    Hollywood actually was the original Costa but he licensed the beard and and persona to Chris for marketing purposes.

  3. Ian says:

    Hollywood, and all the guys at Falcon Ops, are good to go. Any “theatrics” are strictly spectator-created. Life is easy, when you’re a spectator, isn’t it?

    • Ohhhh Ian, You’re drinking the Cool-Aid. I’m not your average spectator but a trained observer.

      Have a good one,

      • Andrew says:

        Connor, you should put down the hateraid. Chris and the dudes over at Falcon are good people, whatever you consider to be “theatrics” or not. I almost guarantee you could learn something from all of them. I don’t care if you’re CAG, NSWDG, SAD or whatever, they can learn you a thing or two. I’d recommend stepping off your high horse and taking a class with them. I’d be surprised if you felt the same at the end of it.

        • Duke says:

          If you knew the high horse he rode on you’d leave your bushwackin’ shotgun at his feet and go back to playing cards with your brother’s kids. I’d be surprised if you didn’t feel different at the end of it.

          See the name in blue? That clue is for free. Yay for the internet!

        • Andrew,

          I’ll hold off on taking a class from them until they step on the battlefield and take a real life lesson…. it’s called combat. The better hurry because the wars are almost over. That’s just my take on it.

          Enjoy the blanket of freedom you sleep under ever night Andrew, some of us died for it!

          I love the first amendment, don’t you?

          Have a good one,

          • Andrew says:


            Just because someone hasn’t been in combat, doesn’t mean they can’t be a good instructor. Similarly, just because someone HAS been in combat, doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about. I have served with plenty of grunts with combat experience that don’t know their ass from an ejection port cover. I will agree that good instructors with combat experience are outstanding, but it’s not an absolute requirement. Again, I stick by my statement. With all due respect, I think it is ignorant of you to completely rule out someone as an instructor because they haven’t experienced combat.


            I believe I know who you are, and I respect the shit out of you. I knew Connors background going in to my statement. I wrote that to make a point. Good on you for standing up for a friend of yours, but I believe what I wrote.


        • Duke says:

          No sweat, Andrew, and the respect goes both ways, especially since in spite of having an idea of Connor’s background you stick by your comment. I can give that much props.

          The reason I can fire off a salvo, is because I’ve made similar mistakes -not (as in, no idea, no clue, none) had any idea whom I was addressing and have it bite me.

        • Jolly Rancher says:

          What exactly are you basing this on? Youtube videos? Banging away at 5-7 yards without even looking/caring about the actual hits? Please explain how a guy with zero Special Operation experience, zero combat experience, or anything to prove his prowess is so industry leading. Hell, I would be happy if he would simply take a trip to an IDPA National and do well. At the very least he would have proved SOMETHING other than he can do theatrics on his own Youtube videos.

          Please be sure to remember we are in the world were U.S. Special Operations units have built up years of experience, at the very tip of the spear they can and have done multiple direct action hits per day for each individual small team not just the unit as a whole. It adds up to hundreds and even thousands of missions per rotation. One team building on the experiences of the last.

          So Costa with ZERO experience of any kind is going to teach them anything?

          Hint: I get the feeling these statements are aimed not at the Special Operations units but more towards the regular joe who might take a class. Let’s face it; the SO units already know Costa is a joke. It’s the regular joe Costa and his 2-3 buddies who make up his marketing machine are trying to FOOL into thinking Costa could teach CAG, NSW, etc a thing or two.

          Lol, the firearms training market never ceases to amazes me. It’s one of the few industries I can think of that with nothing but self promotion (IPhone YouTube videos, internet posting by my clique or even myself/employees) you can promote yourself to rock star status. Some have actually done it, and others continually try. Costa has proven to be one of the besst at it.

  4. Anthony says:

    I’m more annoyed that there’s a company billing itself as a “media” company that’s publishing what amounts to some guy with an iPhone and some crappy vignetting added, and using it to market themselves. Ouch.

  5. Steve-O says:

    That’s the downside of MTT’s, you have to deal with the targety at a given location. Lot’s of high speedo instructors out there all shooting paper. People need to start shooting small reactive moving targets exposed for fractions of a second. Putting 100’s of rounds into a static paper target is pure mental masturbation!

  6. Arlo says:

    SSD is my favorite website, hands down, and this is why: they are presenting contemporary material and challenging modes of thought, which is much appreciated. That said, not to detract from any of the comments to this thread (combat or no combat), as a soon to be four combat tour muldoon, I can guarantee you that if I went to learn something from these guys, and this was there presentation, I would turn around and walkaway. Literally walk away, muttering ugly, ugly things underneath my breath. This is worse than hollywood. Everyone needs to make sure and purchase a “survival” bracelet on the way out. At least someone’s rollin’ innit . . . .

  7. Very common training scar at 16 seconds into the video- Hollywood has his strong hand thumb over the Glock slide stop; this is a carry over from IPSC shooters back in the day ( teaching US SOF ) shooting 1911’s and placing their thumb on top of the thumb safety for leverage ( I do the same thing) when using the common ‘thumbs forward’ or ‘high grip’

    The problem is when this grip is applied to other pistols like the Glock, M9′ SIG 226 the strong hand thumb interferes with proper functioning of the slide stop ; meaning does not allow it to lock the slide to the rear on an empty magazine

    I teach and use a modified high grip – I place my thumb on top the thumb safety when using a 1911 but place my thumb out and away from the slide stop/frame on the top of my support hand when using any other pistol

    Unfortunately for Hollywood and anyone else with this training scar it can be very difficult to ‘unlearn’ – experience has taught me that habits we build with our hands are challenging to deprogram

    But then again what do I know right?

    • SSD says:


      That sounds like a great Gunfighter Moment topic. Training Scars . I remember you talked to me about skeet as well once.


  8. Eric

    Yes sir – I plan on doing a training scars episode with my buddy Ken Hackathorn this year

    Should be excellent