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Juggernaut Defense Introduces New Cases

Juggernaut Defense

Juggernaut Defense, LLC is currently shipping two versions of its Juggernaut.Case™ and Armor.Mount products after an exhaustive year of testing, revisions, and product updates. The Motorola ATRIX Gen.III Cases/Mounts and Samsung GALAXY Note-I Cases/Mounts have been shipping out to various SOF units and conventional units, both downrange and CONUS. These patented cases enable units to employ the ‘smartphone on the battlefield’ by ruggedizing the device within a shockproof/dustproof, IP-6X Case that contains an EMI-shielded USB connection to tactical radios through a sealed Glenair 80-series connector. By implementing features like the hands-free/flip-down armor mount and anti-glare etched chem-strengthened glass screen protector, users will be able to employ this ‘smartdevice technology’ running Android apps on the battlefield. The cases and mounts are manufactured in Arizona and are Berry-Compliant. Specializing in warfighter equipment design & engineering, Juggernaut Defense is a full-spectrum design consultancy dedicated to military, law-enforcement, and firefighting equipment.

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11 Responses to “Juggernaut Defense Introduces New Cases”

  1. Adam says:

    Shit, why would they do the Note I? The Note II is already out, more capable, and on Verizon Wireless, whereas the Note I is not. Super cool idea with endless possibilities (navigation, ballistic calculator, angry birds) but kind of a weird platform unless they know something that I do not.

  2. Martin Q says:

    The phones use Army networks and software. Anyway, will this case(s) be available for civilians who own a Note I?

  3. Adam says:

    I realize that, I’m simply saying as far as if it were to be released to the “public,” in other words, certain LE agencies that would find this useful, border patrol, contractors, etc. The majority of people in the US already have Verizon. So you could use your own personal handset with the system, albeit without actual Verizon service, and then after work hours you could take it out, turn the mobile network settings back on and boom, cell phone.

    I understand that they aren’t catering to that niche, but would be cool if it worked that way, and if it was going to be released for public sale you’d end up selling a lot more of them.

  4. When the design process started, the Note-I was what the customer requested. We are in process on the Note-II which will be released within a month. There are numerous Note-I’s already in the field. As for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) theory, we have been tracking that and it will become the way many users will employ smartdevices soon. Civilian sales will follow after MIL/GOV orders are fulfilled. We will release a website and VAR link for those devices which will also be available in a lower-cost ‘slick’ version without the cable connection.

  5. Terry says:

    Any plans to make one for the Lumia 920?

    If not, I guess I’ll need a note 2. Will these be available outside of the US by the way (bloody ITAR ruins all my fun)?

  6. The beauty of this product and how we designed it without any active electronics, is it does not fall under any ITAR restrictions… There is a Nexus 7″ Tablet Case on deck also….

  7. Terry says:


    I’ll be keeping an eye out for availability 🙂

  8. Arif John says:

    If this is public, where can I get more info about the device?
    Beside of shockproof/dustproof, is the phone(hardware/software)the same with what we can get from market?