SIG MMG 338 Program Series 2013 Contributor of the year Award Program

We just found out about a really cool opportunity for those in the shooting community who fancy themselves Mickey Spillane.

We are pleased to announce that has just launched the 2013 Contributor of the year Award Program. Specifically designed to attract the greatest minds in the precision shooting community; one writer will WIN a complete “turn-key” Ashbury Precision Ordnance® ASW308 Precision Tactical Rifle System. This is a complete system valued at $11,800.00, including a 200 case of RUAG .308 Match Ammunition!

Sniper Link ASW308 COTY 2013

Contest Quick Facts!

-It’s not a raffle
-It’s not a drawing
-No money whatsoever is involved
-Winning is based entirely upon EFFORT!

Sniperlink 2013 Contributor of the Year Press Release by solsys






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