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TGL Reviews – Bushido Tactical’s M.I.R. (Modular Interchangeable Retention)

The Gear Locker recently ran a review of Bushido Tactical’s M.I.R. (Modular Interchangeable Retention).


For the dropleg-style M.I.R., Bushido Tactical has created a hybrid holster that combines a Kydex liner purpose built for each type of handgun with a more generic nylon fabric shell. One advantage to this type of system is that you only need purchase a new liner for each type of firearm. Granted, you’re going to have some set up time, but the cost savings may be just the thing you are looking for.

Read the whole review at http://www.thegearlocker.net/2013/02/bushudo-tacticals-m-i-r-modular-interchangeable-retention/


4 Responses to “TGL Reviews – Bushido Tactical’s M.I.R. (Modular Interchangeable Retention)”

  1. Joe says:

    I’ll stick with my safariland, thanks

  2. defensor fortissimo says:

    Kind of daft they decided to go with the whole mounting the mag pouch in front of the holster concept, that shit does not work if you need to reload on the move

  3. scott says:

    true, and i take it that you are AF Security forces? If so, so was I and I know that it helped when I was in Iraq to be able to get behind cover and reload if i had to transition to my secondary. Its not made for rapid reload, rather more for separation of mags and to take some weight off your chest.

    • defensor fortissimo says:

      I am and I get that. Mainly I see it with folks in the armory and the desk and i understand it beats the alternative of wearing your gear, I just don’t see the point in having your average patrol setting it up like that, especially if you’re rolling with my current roes, (both weapons completely unloaded). I prefer to keep the pouches on my belt if i have to drop my gear, That being said, I understand it’s a matter of personal preference.