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Scott Mello to Join Raine Inc Team

Rains Inc has announced that they have hired Scott Mello as the company’s new Production Manager. In his previous life, Scott was the Production/Operations Manager for Eagle Industries, where he spearheaded continuous development and improvement of the MOLLE manufacturing in Eagle’s Massachusetts and Puerto Rico production facilities, implementing the IOTV program and achieving ISO 9001 certification.

Prior to his service at Eagle, Scott spent a decade as a project manager building custom Grand Prix boats, Volvo ocean race boats, and America’s Cup yachts. Scott is also an honorably discharged United States Navy veteran.

Scott also spent several years as Plant manager at Second Chance, producing soft and hard armor, composite armor, shields and helmets for military, SWAT and law enforcement.

“We found a great asset in Scott. He is one of those guys that after 5 minutes you can tell he has his stuff wired tight. This is a really exciting time for Raine, and the addition of Scott just drives that home even more because of the knowledge and expertise he brings to the table. Raine has a lot of new and exciting things going on right now, but I think that as Scott starts to put his stamp on things, you’re going to see that many more things we can point to. We are evolving and this is the next piece; we are really excited about it.”

–Will Romes, Raine Inc Development & Marketing


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One Response to “Scott Mello to Join Raine Inc Team”

  1. james says:

    Sounds like you laned in a great spot… best of luck to Scott