Magpul to Support Coloradans With PMAGs

Magpul made an interesting announcement via Facebook.

We are proud to announce that within a matter of days we will be going live with a new program. Due to a bill currently moving through the Colorado legislature, there is the possibility that Colorado residents’ ability to purchase standard capacity magazines will soon be infringed. Before that happens, and Magpul is forced to leave the state in order to keep to our principles, we will be doing our best to get standard capacity PMAGs into the hands of any Colorado resident that wants them.

Verified Colorado residents will be able to purchase up to ten (10) standard capacity AR/M4 magazines directly from Magpul, and will be given immediate flat-rate $5 shipping, bypassing our current order queue.

Our customers outside of Colorado, please know that our PMAG production will continue at an ever-increasing rate until we do relocate, shipments to our distributors in other states will continue, and that we do not expect relocation to significantly impact PMAG production. We are also aware that Colorado is not the only state with existing or pending magazine capacity restrictions; we are working on programs for other affected states as well.

Full details and instructions will be announced when we are able to go live; please watch here for the coming announcement.


18 Responses to “Magpul to Support Coloradans With PMAGs”

  1. Arron Bermea says:

    Definitely intrested in this deal. I would like ten of the m3 with window if Yiu have them. Please let me know when this sale would be possible. Sad to see you leave! Thanks for the strong fight.

  2. Ash says:

    When companies do things for their customers and not for profit, I regain a bit of faith that we can pull things together. I am very impressed by this move; kudos Magpul!

  3. Well done Magpul !!! Good on ya !!

  4. I will be stocking up. Thanks Magpul. I hope you consider coming back once we make some needed changes in Colorado’s political environment.

  5. Leviticus says:

    You’re good people Magpul, I’m proud to be your customer.

  6. Stone06 says:

    That is great! A classy move.

  7. Reverend says:

    Magpul is best. When the prices level out, and I can find magpul magazines, I’m stocking up on them.

    Thank you Magpul!

  8. Drebin says:

    Good job Magpul! Consider moving to Oklahoma!

  9. ian says:

    This will generate massive good will and people will remember it.

    Customers will remember what you did when the chips are down.

    Just as I will remember cheaper than dirt less fondly….

    • Redleg says:

      Magpul Breaks Bad, Continues Sales to LEOs in Ban States

      “While nearly 100 companies have pledged to hold all purchasers of firearms and accessories to the standard of what’s available to everyday civilians, in what’s commonly known as the New York boycott, Armalite and now Magpul have taken an opposing stand. (See also The Police Loophole.) The good folks at Magpul have instead sided with Armalite against freedom and law-abiding American firearm owners – and what’s more, they’ve one-upped Armalite in their sales practices . . .”

      Read the rest at the link above.

  10. Matt says:

    This is a wonderful act that shows us Colorado residents how much Magpul cares. I hope to be one lucky ones to get in on this deal. If Colorado government forces Magpul out, everyone looses.

  11. Baldwin says:

    I love Magpul!!!

  12. Mike says:

    I like them too! But i hope none of you take advantage of this and sell them on the net and highly inflated prices!!!