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Periodic Table of Terrorist Groups

Periodic Table of Terrorist Groups

12 Responses to “Periodic Table of Terrorist Groups”

  1. DaveT says:

    OH man I want this poster sized very bad…

  2. Mike says:

    Any problem distributing? Because it is excellent.

  3. SGT Rock says:

    Already printed one out on the HP plotter & it’s now on the wall of the TOC.

  4. Bob says:

    Good primer. There are some discrepancies, but overall a good job. I’d keep the MeK on it personally, but DOS has a different idea.

    Oh, and add IRGC-QF. They’re not state defined terrorists, but we all know what they do.

  5. Lucky says:

    This is going on the G2 and CMOC wall

  6. Decent Weasel says:

    Hey, cool, this is the first mock periodic table I’ve seen that actually groups things together logically, rather than just slapping them in by letters or haphazardly!

  7. Jeremy says:

    I did not see the TSA or DHS listed.

  8. Warfighter says:

    North America is strangely absent.

  9. JP says:

    Forgot Cristans as well.

  10. GG says:

    Skillbars now have team-colored backdrops in sPvP. GG