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Tactical Pro Shop Grand Opening This Weekend in Fabulous Burbank, CA

Received a note from our friends at Tactical Pro Shop that they are celebrating their grand opening Friday the 1st of March and Saturday the 2nd. In addition to giveaways and in-store discounts, Benchmade factory reps will be on-hand Friday and will laser engrave any Benchmade knife purchased that day for free.


TPS’s Matt Kime relayed that they were incredibly lucky to get a great big space at the corner of two major streets, in one of the most business / firearms friendly cities in Southern California (by comparison).

Their primary brands are Benchmade, First Spear, Ops-Core, Princeton Tec, Surefire, Blackhawk, Camelbak, Safariland, and InForce. They tell us they also offer a few dozen other great brands helping us round out their ability to make sure they are offering the best available solution for a given problem.

In addition to their solid LE customer base, and being a leading provider for the tactical equipment you see on the big screen, Tactical Pro Shop are also welcomes the general public with open arms. Though they do not sell firearms, they’ve pretty much have the rest of the spectrum covered.

To celebrate, they’ve extended SSD readers an additional 10% off, including already discounted items, during their 2-day opening event. If you are there, all you need to do is mention SSD. And, you’d better take some pictures.

Looking forward to visiting you guys next time I am in town.


8 Responses to “Tactical Pro Shop Grand Opening This Weekend in Fabulous Burbank, CA”

  1. straps says:


    The pseudoprogressives also have a bunch of retired General and Flag Officers chiming in with their take on evil assault weapons. I remind the gun grabbers that while they may be pleased with the 2A stance of these officers, they might not be so warm & fuzzy about their take on the other 9.

    Still haven’t had the chance to take GEN McChrystal up on the inherent conflict between his take on personal firearms ownership and the role that Matt Larsen and the rest of his IPSC/3-gun guys played in re-vamping his CQB program during his time in Regiment.

  2. Todd Moldawer MD says:

    I have known Matt for many years and have purchased many of his Tactical Pro-Shop products. I’ve never had a problem with anything I bought from him, and his price, quality, and service are unsurpassed. I recommend Tactical Pro-Shop without reservation.

  3. RC says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, will try to swing by this weekend.

  4. Jim C SOTech says:

    Congratulations Matt! Well located to support film and law enforcement!

  5. Chester Brown says:

    Just left the store. Nice having a store like that close to home. Highly recommend stopping by and checking it out. Good luck Matt.

  6. Big_Juju says:

    Dang! I was just a couple of blocks away yesterday and didn’t even know they were there. Guess I’ll be treking back into the Valley …