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The Flask


The Flask (yes, that is its name) is the product of a collaborative effort between Oakley and Macallan. Laser-welded and made from steel, aluminum and carbon fiber, The Flask is a nigh-indestructible carrying option for your liquor of choice, which pours in easily thanks to the included aluminum funnel.

Thanks Tactical Fanboy!

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13 Responses to “The Flask”

  1. Chris says:

    Not even going to calculate how much 600 Pounds is in ‘merican money is. Oakley, you crack me up.

    • Terry says:

      ’tis not cheap indeed, but like all luxury items, there will be a market for it. I’ve got to admit, I want one, but not for that kind of scratch.

  2. DP says:

    For 600lbs it better come with a pu$$y magnet!

  3. john says:

    What a terrible statement this horrible advertisement says about the companies that produced this product and the culture that accepts it. And, all for a container so that people with some extra cash to blow can carry their “legal” drugs around with them. I appreciate this blog, but do not appreicate seeing junk like this.

  4. Mr. European says:

    That’s a funnel? Looked like a maglight, \and I thought they were simply being clever with the name.\ Instead they invoke the trope Exactly What It Says On The Tin.

    Still, looks indestructible. And I like the industrial design.

    600£ = 927,89€ = $1 213,44 (latest x-rates)

    • Mr US says:

      check your math, Mr European. Your fx rates are off by a mile.

    • Mr. European says:

      Looks like I either crapped out with the inputs on or I took a wrong turn at Albaquerqe.

      600£ = $901,98 = 692,73€

  5. Terry says:

    Actually, I read more about it; it’s part of a collaboration between Oakley and Macallam and yet it doesn’t even come full of whiskey? Outrageous!

  6. Aaron says:

    Why would I exchange a Dollar for Euro and then for a Pound…purely dumb as the Euro is at a trade deficit with Britain and we’re at Trade deficit with both…just do the one way trade: $901.60

    • A_Drunken_Economist says:

      The Euro can’t be in a trade deficit as the Euro is a currency. Your misunderstanding of basic terms and nonsensical ‘one way trade’ show how little you know of actual economics and that you only know ‘trade deficit bad’ boogeyman bylines.

      Go home Aaron, you’re drunk.

  7. Mobious says:

    *Insert something about Drinking and driving*
    … and since when did an indestructibility test NOT include explosions??
    How can I be sure that flask would survive a bunker buster and serve a thirst?

  8. Lawrence says:

    For that price they should at least ship full of 12 Year Old.