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Forces Focus – 75th Ranger Regiment

8 Responses to “Forces Focus – 75th Ranger Regiment”

  1. qcoursehorse says:

    god bless these fine young warriors. god knows it cant be pleasant running da missions every night.

  2. veteran says:


  3. Whiskey8 says:

    God how I miss it….

    RLTW 1/75

  4. RLTW!

    1/75 and RHQ! Best group of warriors on the planet ..

    Have a good one,

  5. Freedom Fighter says:

    I thank God that we live in a nation that produces dedicated, patriotic men of this caliber to defend our freedom….

  6. Chuck says:

    RLTW! 1/75

  7. Miclo18d says:

    I was in the RS5 in the mid 90’s and used to be the one in charge of playing this video (VHS) for any dignitaries that came for a command visit. This one was a much better production that the old one I played. The old one had the Army “Porn” Muzak soundtrack. Good to see they got some rights to real music.

    Ollie sends

    C 3/75, Regt

  8. Mass Debation says:

    Jingoistic, childish soundtrack blows. My squad played Wagner in the Sandbox; not garbage. But hey at least they didn’t use Brother Tillman (before using him for target practice) in this one for propagandist purposes.

    TMTS (Tex marks the spot)

    RLTW 2.75