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FastFire SUMA Pro Survival Kit

You may have run across the name SOLKOA, a company which specializes in SERE training and products. The thing about SOLKOA is that they concentrate on Government clients. But a few years ago they launched FastFire to transition their kit to the commercial customer. I’m a huge fan of everything they do, but the SUMA container is top notch. In this case, the contents of the kit are packed in the SUMA container.


The FastFire SUMA Pro Survival Kit is a professional grade survival kit previously only available to government clients through SOLKOA but now offered through the commercial side, FastFire. The kit comes in an outer box containing a packed SUMA Container, Emergency Blanket, and two individually packaged FastFire cubes.

The packed SUMA Container includes the following:
– (1) Compact multitool wrapped in a section of inner-tube to suppress noise from rattling
– (1) 3.5″ Carbon steel hack saw blade
– (1) LED Coin type light with lanyard
– (1) P-38 Can opener
– (1) Ferro rod
– (1) Signalling whistle
– (1) Signalling mirror with reflective tape
– (1) Magnifying lens
– (1) Compass, oil filled coin type
– (1) Baggie, zip type
– (1) Pill bottle, amber
– (1) Wire, 24″ length
– (10) Matches, NATO type with striker (individually wrapped)
– (4) Tinder, Cotton wool type (individually wrapped)
– (2) Safety pins, Small
– (2) Safety pins, Medium
– (6) Water purification tablets
– (1) Roll of high strength braided line
– (1) fishing kit, assorted weights, hooks, and float
– (1) Tape, Duct type 2″x24″ tan
– (1) Needle, sewing type with cover
– (1) Pad, clean medical type appr. 2″x2″ (individually packaged)
– (1) Triple antibiotic ointment, 0.5g packet
– (1) Pencil with attached eraser
– (5) Weather resistant paper


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