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If This Doesn’t Make You Laugh I Don’t Know What Will

From US Army WTF! Moments

20 Responses to “If This Doesn’t Make You Laugh I Don’t Know What Will”

  1. HD says:

    Not sure what’s worse.

    These or those damn pink and purple belts I’ve seen at the PX

  2. Joe Shipley says:

    Where is the USMC version? Oh, wait… I get it.

  3. Mike D says:

    $15?! They’re $12 everywhere else I’ve seen them!

  4. Thomas says:

    OK. It has transended the usual gayness and has gone plaid!

  5. Bman says:

    Now they can run in boots and ut’s with safety why still being stylish.

  6. demure says:

    Who needs a float coat, when you have a Visi-belt?

  7. warthog says:

    WTF I guess I dont get it there just PT belts hilarious I guess lol when I was in we even wore the things and I was infantry in the 10th mountain div

  8. Sgt Moped says:

    These things drive me insane! More worthless than the ear flaps in a winter patrol cap…Hope these have the velcro spot for rank that all the commands are wanting these days!

  9. SGT Rock says:

    You think this is funny? There were some units downrange in Iraq that had to wear the full battle rattle while on the FOB with a reflective belt on their IBA/PC.

  10. Aaron says:

    Funny…they weren’t selling the Army ones at Benning.

  11. Fox says:

    Those damn things were a plague in my final deployment to Iraq. One idiot steps in front of a moving striker at night, and the next thing you know- we all look like the Airforce ground crews. No offense, but that crap should remain on the flightline. Who knows- with things as bad as they are, those colors might as well be the Army’s next choice for a camo pattern- because choosing multicam just makes too much sense!

  12. Paul Narowski says:

    There are rock painters that are saying “Those are ON POINT!! Where do I get mine?”

  13. Ronald Moore says:

    I just had to swallow my vomitus.

  14. Dave the rave says:

    “Higher” has FLOODED the army with things only meant to cover their own a$$. Most weeks we spend more time doing online surveys and feelings-related stuff and useless, unproductive crap than doing actual training. I’m not exaggerating. This generation of army leaders is SOFT!

  15. Mike says:

    Instead of risk adversion to cover their a$$, they should choose a new uniform pattern already.