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MagPul Just Got a Little More Interesting

Unfortunately, the fat lady has all but sung in MagPul’s native state’s Second Amendment struggle. Having passed both the Colorado House and Senate, a ban on magazines with capacities greater than 15 rounds awaits the Governor’s signature to become law. As manufacturers of the famous PMAG, MagPul (and several of their subcontractors and suppliers) have understandably vowed to leave their home if the law is enacted.

One thing MagPul founder Rich Fitzpatrick (and his partners) will surely leave in Boulder, Colorado is a new restaurant called Drake’s Haus. Opening in Mid-May, Drake’s Haus specializes in burgers. Specifically, the Merlot burger.


According the the Westword blog, “the concept is the brainchild of co-owner and chef Kimber Hollar, who devised the idea at a backyard barbecue, where she and her co-owners, Richard Fitzpatrick…and Jamie Hanson, discovered it was a hit with the burger-craving crowd.”

“By injecting the burger patty with merlot from different wine growing regions, Kimber has created five juicy and deliciously rich burgers,” says Sullivan, noting that the patties are smaller than a traditional hamburger. Those who order them, however, will get a duo, which, adds Sullivan, “allows our guests to mix and match different styles.”

I think Drake’s Haus sounds like a great restaurant. Interestingly, because of the impending launch of Drake’s Haus, the Boulder Weekly thinks that MagPul is bluffing about leaving Colorado. They can’t seem to fathom that a guy who runs an $85 million a year company would move if he has a restaurant opening in May. Hopefully, Fitzpatrick will open another one wherever MagPul ends up. I’d love to try a Merlot burger.

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33 Responses to “MagPul Just Got a Little More Interesting”

  1. Black6ID says:

    And with a logo like that they gotta be good!

  2. BradKAF308 says:

    That is a wacky article. We’ll just throw our slant into this article to down play MagPul leaving and after they leave it will all be history and everyone will forget. Yea right.

    • SSD says:

      I’ve been waiting to tie that article into something for awhile now.

    • Steve says:

      As a current CO resident, I applaud Magpul for staying true to their principles and moving to a more gun-friendly state. I’m sorry to see them go, but am proud of their conviction.

      • BradKAF308 says:

        Burgers and Mags would have been a cool combo. With every stnd burger combo a standard mag.

  3. jmcboots says:

    South Carolina….

    Believe it or not… We like Merlot.


    y’all c’mon and see us some time.

  4. Doug E. Doug says:

    Still can’t get over the magazine ban in CO. And to think that it was my next home of choice because of its previous gun-friendly atmosphere.

  5. MAC says:

    Virginia is where this all started and were our greatest Founding Fathers Came from!!! It would only be fitting to have Magpul here and just down the road from all those gun grabbers in the perfect utopia known as Washington DC…. Richmond (RVA) would accept them with open arms!

  6. Q says:

    I agree with MAC , Come to Virginia where even the Dems get an A rating from the NRA… Though Hampton Roads specifically Virginia Beach is my choice …..Good shooting community, Large Military presence, ADS is here and some other Gear companies reside here as well LBT, 215 Gear to name a few!!!! We Like good food too!!!!

  7. Jason says:

    Wine injected into burgers? Interesting. I’ll bet it tastes good!

    Good luck on the move Magpul…..Thank god there’s plenty of other states with less draconian laws in the US.

  8. E says:

    I just hope (and believe they will) leave the State. It’s unfortunate for the employees but unfortunately those that feel strongly about the 2nd amendment need to stand up for it.

    I’d love to try one of the burgers.

  9. Come to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula….a third of the state in geographic size with only 3% of the state’s population. Lots of hard workers who support gun ownership.

  10. P says:

    So what if he co-owns a restaurant there? Owners don’t run the place. He can make his money off the restaurant from anywhere.

  11. J Miles says:

    Move to Texas so in December when I move out of the communist playground known as Colorado and get back to Texas I can get a chance to come visit the magpul factory.

  12. Ken says:

    My money is on Cheyanne WY. It’s only an hour and 15 minutes north of Erie CO. They can keep their employees, though they will have a longer commute. Wyoming is a very gun friendly and business friendly state. Cheyanne could use a better selection of restaurants as well.

    • I haven’t been to Cheyenne in quite a few years. I might have to go up there if Magpul does relocate there. However, I will be visiting a certain burger shop everytime I go to Boulder.

  13. Lawrence says:

    Wyoming does seem a logical choice. But it would be awesome if they moved to southern New Hampshire….

    • CKS says:

      +1 If it’s good enough for Sig, Samson, Umlaut, Snake Hound Machine, Ruger and the Free State Movement, it’s good enough for Magpul. Plus it would piss off Hizzoner Mumbles Menino in Boston and I’d love to see him bumble through a disparaging news conference.

  14. Hubb says:

    Jack: If they want to drink Merlot, we’re drinking Merlot.

    Miles Raymond: No, if anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot!

  15. Austin says:

    You know, I ETS in just over a year, the wife and I really had our hearts seat on Colorado when we got out. I emailed every CO representative and senator letting them know they’d lose a future constituent if they passed this damn thing and now they have. I have visited CO half a dozen times for almost 2 months worth of cumulative time and I have always loved it. I wonder just how many other people like myself CO has lost to this senselessness. It’s truly a tragic, tragic loss for the pro-freedom guys.

  16. Reverend says:

    You know, I will just call it. Those idjuts in Colorado obviously have never dealt with a Marine whose been “threatened”! When they say they’re going to do something, by God and Chesty Puller, THEY DO IT!

    Sooooo long Colorado! (waves hat, with a polka playing)

  17. HD says:

    As a Colorado home owner, whose in laws are still there and whose wife grew up there, this whole situation saddens me.

    When I was first stationed at FT Carson and met my wife, I didn’t truly understand why so many people in Colorado had bumper stickers that said NATIVE and looked like the Colorado license plate.

    Now I understand.

    Let me know when the cordon & siege of Denver and Boulder begins – I’ll gladly come participate.

  18. Rob says:

    I’ve heard for years that Colorado is large refuge for fleeing Califorians…the changes with CO’s laws seems to add up now.

    I spent 10+ years in California, incredable state…minus the libs and their F’d up agendas.

    – Rob

    • Haji says:

      I too am an expat Californian that was forced to leave that state. I miss it, but not enough. CO was going to be the next best thing; western enough to be within driving distance of home but with sensible laws. The sensible law part is out the window now. I’ll be staying away from CO as well.

  19. JEFF says:

    Magpul would be welcomed in Alabama but I seriously doubt they’d make that move. I’m thinking Texas or Wyoming.

  20. Bob says:

    Nebraska’s gun friendly, and right next door. Feel free to move here, Magpul.

  21. Haji says:

    Every time this is discussed, there’s always a list of “move to my state” posts. It’s a little late in the game for that; Magpul has had their plan in place for a long while now, and will be executing it shortly. CO’s legislature really screwed up on this one. Only a fool tries to call it a bluff when a thousand jobs are on the line. This is what kind of foolishness demagogue politicians provide.

  22. Austin says:

    I’m hoping for Utah. Governor Herbert has been on the phone a few times offering to help with a move and help with tax breaks to get things rolling. I’m sure Barnes Bullets and Robinson Arms would love having Magpul down the road too.

  23. .308 says:

    WHO CARES.. so not interesting.. I do not understand the worship of people and brands in this industry.. it’s pathetic.