Be Prepared, Indeed

Two things we are fans of at SSD are guns and Scouts. It’s even better when we can put the two together like in this story.


A young man who just became an Eagle Scout received this rifle as a gift from his father. Best of all, “in front of everyone, the first thing he did was to open the bolt and clear the rifle before really looking it over. He had a smile from ear to ear.” his father stated. According to Cerakote, this carbine features H-226 Patriot Brown, H-235 Coyote Tan and H-199 Desert Sand.


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7 Responses to “Be Prepared, Indeed”

  1. Smitty says:

    From an (old!) Eagle Scout to the new one–CONGRATULATIONS! Super cool your Dad got you such a great rifle to celebrate your accomplishment.

  2. Jake the Snake says:

    From another old Eagle Scout:
    Love the Scout’s motto “Be Prepared” on the ejection port’s dust cover.
    The statement says volumes about what we should be… Prepared.

  3. chip says:

    way to go. Fellow eagle here. Nice rifle, love the be prepared touch on the port cover. My dad gave me a keychain with an eagle on it when I got mine. Haha

  4. Brian says:

    Yet another Eagle here. What an outstanding idea! I’ll keep this in mind for my two sons. Congratulations on your achievement, because I know what a hard road it’s been. Take that attitude forward with you in life!

  5. Steve says:

    From yet another Eagle: congrats! Digging the various scouting emblems and reminders across the rifle. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble remembering to always be prepared in life!

  6. J Miller says:

    And from yet another Eagle Scout; congratulations on one of the major accomplishments of your life. Your sacrifice, dedication and character are much needed in this generation. love the dust cover! and, your Dad pretty much rocks.

  7. huey says:

    I would have been impossible where I live, as most eagle ceremonies happen inside a “gun free” zone