Sneak Peek – Spartan Ranch Tactical Training Center

I was invited to a sneak peek look at a new training facility near Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and i want you to check it out. ISAP Inc has assembled a new set of training capabilities for mid-Atlantic region. Spartan Ranch Tactical Training Center is located in Maysville, North Carolina just north of Jacksonville, home of the US Marine Corps’ Camp Lejeune. Naturally, it’s also close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Intercostal Waterway for additional training opportunities.


There are three components that make up the capabilities that Spartan Ranch Tactical Training Center offers. First, there is the facility itself. Next is Tactical Applications Group which is the training arm and provides specialized instructors. Finally, Spartan Tactical Arms offers firearms manufacturing and maintenance.


Some of you may remember Tactical Applications Group’s range facility. Spartan Ranch Tactical Training Center uses the same basic layout but parent company ISAP Inc has greatly expanded the facility to include new berms for the precision rifle range which is certified out to 800 yards but can be extended to up to 1200 for certain customers, a 100 yard general purpose range as well as 50 and 25 yard pistol/shotgun ranges.


In addition to the ranges, Spartan Ranch Tactical Training Center will boast billeting for up to 70 personnel as well as latrines, classrooms and a team room facility for gear prep and mission planning. During my visit, contractors continued to improve the facilities slated for a 1 May launch.


Tactical Applications Group is rooted in the Camp Lejeune area. Staffed by Marine and Naval Special Warfare Veterans, it offers a variety of training specialties including CQB and long range precision shooting. As the staff expands they will be adding specialists from all branches to represent full SOF capabilities.

Also located on the Spartan Ranch Tactical Training Center campus is Spartan Tactical Arms which specializes in precision rifles as well as a line of CQB pistols designed to meet the USMC’s exacting requirements. Both of these products are already available for government and LE clients but will be offered commercially as well. Vice President CJ Quinlan also hinted at a line of carbines on the horizon.

ISAP has additional plans for the 300 acre facility including a shoot house and tower. Keep a look out here for details. Interested parties should contact [email protected].

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6 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Spartan Ranch Tactical Training Center”

  1. Sidecar says:

    Another “tactical” company! Joy. The Spartans were great warriors… just homosexuals… now you have the Spartan Ranch.. like the bunny Ranch but for men 😉 Good luck to ISAP. I know that NEK, T1G and another large defense contractor all walked away from the site after conducting their due diligence on the property and principals involved. Maybe ISAP drank the cool-aid. The article forgot to mention the two bars they have on site!

    • Jim says:

      You are not worth the time of day to good opertators. My guest is your one of the many wantabes that took CJ for all you could then ran for the backwoods

  2. Ash says:

    “The Spartans were great warriors… just homosexuals…”

    Read your history; I think you’re confusing “Spartans” with “Greeks”.

  3. Just some guy says:

    This guy might disagree…

    Paul Cartledge, professor of Greek history at Cambridge and the author of Thermopylae: The Battle That Changed the World. wrote
    “…the Spartans were literally boy lovers: they incorporated a form of pederasty into their educational system, as a way of turning a boy into a warrior…”

    Cartledge was educated at St Paul’s School and New College, Oxford where, with his contemporaries Robin Lane Fox and Terence Irwin, he was a student of G. E. M. de Ste. Croix. He completed his doctoral thesis in Spartan archaeology at the same institution, under the supervision of Professor Sir John Boardman. He lectured at the New University of Ulster in 1972-73, at Trinity College Dublin from 1973 to 1978, and at the University of Warwick in 1978-79. In October 1979 he moved to Cambridge University[5] where he is a fellow of Clare College.

    He is a world expert on Athens and Sparta in the Classical Age and has been described as a Laconophile. He was chief historical consultant for the BBC TV series The Greeks and the Channel 4 series The Spartans, presented by Bettany Hughes. He is also a holder of the Gold Cross of the Order of Honour and an Honorary Citizen of (modern) Sparta. Besides the Leventis Professorship, he holds a visiting Global Distinguished Professorship at New York University, funded by the Greek Parliament. He sits on the European Advisory Board of Princeton University Press.

    • Ash says:

      And I could argue your facts with facts, but what’s the point? Who’s had their mind changed in an online forum? I once tried to find evidence that Spartans used the same techniques found through a lot of Greece at that time. What I found was that the Spartans were outside that “norm”. I can list how smartified the authors of that piece were, but you used TWO paragraphs to show how awesome your source is, so I doubt anything I say would sway you.

      Why do you love British Intellectual Elitests so much?

  4. another guy says says:

    First off Sidecar,
    I happen to have real facts on “The Ranch”. T1G and NEK approached these guys as friends and brother warriors for nothing more than to see if they could lend a hand after “some defense contractor” broke it off in their back side as a partner and failed to honor previous commitments… Kind of like your Greek friends! Second, These are folks that have every right to be proud Warriors, kind of like Spartans do! Get a life and figure out who you speak about before you open your mouth and get found out. In my experience guys like you are nothing more than little guys with a complex that your daddy didn’t produce off spring that could amount to more than an attitude, jealousy, and a mouth full of nothing but hate for those that made it in life unlike yourself. I also happen to know guys at ISAP. I will give you a word of advice, spend your time wisely before your time is up. If you are such the astute businessman as you try and come off as, come up with a better facility and give them a run for their money. Or, you can keep working for the “man” and continue on as the little “Greek Boy” that you have shown yourself to be! If all all else fails, stop by the Ranch once they are open and I will buy you a beer at the Bar …Thats right singular…Bar, they will have (not as read in as you say you are) while you sit around and spew the rest of your worldly travels and exploits as the “real non-homosexual warrior” in the room. Oh yeah one more thing, Did you catch the part about some of these guys being US Marines? Just so happens, the USMC was born in a bar. Guess the two go together in some sort of way. Train hard, play hard. One before the other, like at any other world class facility around the U.S. But of course you wouldn’t know anything about that would you? Semper Fi !