Vertx Announces New Product in Kryptek Camo

Vertx has announced their new Kryptek Retro Skinny Tie.

Kryptek Retro Skinny Tie

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9 Responses to “Vertx Announces New Product in Kryptek Camo”

  1. CAVstrong says:

    Kryptek posted on a comment on Facebook the other day saying that the Army required additional testing of the downselected patterns.

    SSD have you heard anything about this?
    Could this be a result of sequestration?

    • SSD says:

      It’s not a result of sequestration. It’s a result of incomplete testing.

      • CAVstrong says:

        I would guess that they haven’t anncouned any kind of timeline for the continued testing……bah this is turning into the worst tease ever….

        • SSD says:

          Unfortunately, no schedule. Every day they don’t make a decision they waste more money purchasing UCP.

          • CAVstrong says:

            Indeed, unfortunately we’ll just wait and see. Still I wish they’d just pick already.

  2. Guy Mazerolle says:

    How much,any price list ?

  3. Guy Mazerolle says:

    How much ?
    Any price list?

  4. SteveB says:

    For what it’s worth, the pattern geometry of that tie is identical to authentic Kryptek Highlander printed molle webbing.

  5. BlackLion says:

    Where do I buy one?