Kill Cliff Hires Brand Communication Firm Denny, Ink

This announcement by Sports Recovery drink Kill Cliff is great news. We are big fans of both Kill Cliff and Denny, Ink who we work with on various other brands.

Kill CLiff

Kill Cliff Recovery Drink, today announces the company has tapped Jackson Hole, Wyo.-based communications firm Denny, ink. as its public relations agency of record, effective immediately. Founded by a former U.S. Navy SEAL, Kill Cliff is pioneering a new category of sport beverages meeting the endurance and recovery requirements of the fittest.
Kill Cliff is not an energy drink. Its formula is based on the theory that reducing inflammation is an integral part of recovering from strenuous exercise and physical exertion. Each 12-ounce can of Kill Cliff contains a proprietary mix of recovery-supporting ingredients including enzymes, green tea extract, ginger root, and milk thistle among other functional nutrients.

“After a comprehensive review of agencies large and small, we chose to partner with Denny, ink. because of their authentic approach to messaging and communications, their extensive media network and their proven ability to build brand awareness,” Kill Cliff Founder Todd Ehrlich said.

Athletes and fitness experts, active and veteran military personnel, early responders and outdoors enthusiasts have all embraced the product for its recovery benefits. With only 25mg of caffeine, 15 calories and no sugar, Kill Cliff is the perfect performance drink for daily consumption.

Currently available in a tasty blood orange flavor, Kill Cliff is now sold at GNC stores nationwide and select grocery and convenience stores in the Southeast as well as online.

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7 Responses to “Kill Cliff Hires Brand Communication Firm Denny, Ink”

  1. Mr. European says:

    Kill Cliff? Sounds like an appropriate thing to drink after climbing Motivation Hill (or Mount Murder, depending on one’s unit) a few times.

  2. G says:

    Awesome. Congrats CD!

  3. JF says:

    Congrats CD!

  4. JDT says:

    Does Kill Cliff actually have any benefit over water or regular Gatorade? I’m wondering about its effectiveness vs cost…

    • saimin says:

      Kill Cliff isn’t the same thing as Gatorade or conventional sports drinks in that KC isn’t a carb/electrolyte bomb. Sports drinks aim to help you recover your energy stores and replenish what you’ve sweated out.

      The idea behind Kill Cliff is the ingredients may have anti-inflammatory qualities that may be beneficial after strenuous activity. Maybe you feel better and aren’t sore later kinda thing. I like ’em, don’t know how well it actually works

  5. Joe says:

    Kill Cliff is good to go in my experience. The “supplement facts” rather than “nutrition facts” does make me a bit uneasy…

  6. callum says:

    where can i find one of those cool looking kill cliff patches