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National Molding 2013 Catalog

National Molding has released their 2013 catalog which includes the Quad Release system (used in IOTV Gen III) and its little brother the Evil Twin (a two point release system) designed for plate carriers.



2 Responses to “National Molding 2013 Catalog”

  1. Desert Lizard says:

    This is why Soldier Systems is on my favorites list. I’m modifying some of my kit and have been trying to find high quality connector pieces.

    On a separate subject, I imagine that the readers of Soldier Systems would enjoy a forum about how people have modified their gear. Manufacturers could doubly use the forum as a way to see what the end user / potential customer wants. Instead of paying money on marketing research, manufacturers could peruse the forum to see how people are using and modifying their gear and maybe even ask questions, post draft ideas, and conduct polls. It could be a side project of Soldier Systems connected to the main site.