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UK-Based PPSS Group Developing ‘Dual Protection Body Armour’ – Seeks Your Assistance

UK-based PPSS Group is now in the process of developing a new high performance ‘Dual Protection Body Armour’ designed to offer both, NIJ Level IIIA ballistic protection as well as NIJ Level I stab protection. Their schedule is quite aggressive, aimed at launching the armor late summer.

In order to gauge those properties potential customers are looking for, Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group, decided to use a customer survey as part of their research and development. To take the survey visit

Robert Kaiser states: “We wanted frontlines professional to help us better understand what they really want and need. What is their priority when considering body armour?”

The survey offers all participants to score a number of criteria, all which might be perceived as equal important to the manufacturer, but not necessary by the end consumer.

“Some security officers might feel that a low weight is their top criteria when looking to purchase body armour. However, another law enforcement officer might feel strongly about the cost and another paramedic could feel that the level of stab and needle protection is the key.” Robert Kaiser continues.

“For us this project is once again not about designing, developing and manufacturing the body armour which allows to make the highest possible profit margin, but rather a body armour that will be perceived as the best by those who will wear them,” he concludes.


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