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Is Your GrimLoc Installed Properly?

You may have seen the graphic for the Web Dominator. ITWNexus Advanced Products and Accessories has also produced this graphic to show you how to properly install your GrimLoc.



5 Responses to “Is Your GrimLoc Installed Properly?”

  1. Jim says:

    Dear mother of god, d people really need these graphics?

    • Bill says:

      Unfortunately, yes. When new soldiers don’t know how (or why) to weave MOLLE and insert magazines upside-down and backwards, stuff like this graphic is needed. You can blame the lack of knowledge on somebody, somewhere; but things like this will hopefully solve that (even if it’s the NCO who sees this and it reminds them to look out for it and similar issues on Monday.)

      You’d be surprised at the number of people who would look at this clip and wonder even what the hell it’s for, even if its sitting right next to MOLLE body armor.

  2. ScottyC says:

    Lol……I think mine involved a multitool, but yeah what’s the mystery?

  3. M@ says:

    Flipped mine around after losing the gloves I had attached to it too many times.

    It’s like the Tek-Lok from Blade-Tech, people run it the best way it works for them.