Warrior West – Kopis Mobile

There are lots of metal detectors but none of them do TacEx does. In addition to a metal detector it also contains a magnetometer to help find emitters such as bugs. But the real exciting part is the data collection component which reports data to a small communications decide via Bluetooth. Kopis Mobile sees the TacEx really shining for site exploitation, village stability operations and entry control points. Naturally, the TacEx can also be used for route clearance.


It collects data via Android or iOS creating an event log which offers real time position location data, live streaming video and stills. It can also be used to probe bags and shipments. Additionally, the TacEx facilitates standoff sensing of individuals and items on interest. It’s also fully ambidextrous and runs for 4-6 hours on 6 x CR123A batteries.


Additionally, tracking software allows you to determine how and where the TacEx is being used which allows maintenance tracking.


One Response to “Warrior West – Kopis Mobile”

  1. SGT Rock says:

    Maybe they can actually sell a working device to the Iraqi’s and other nations that are STILL using this…