“Freedom Isn’t Free” Cooler to Benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation Relisted on eBay

eBay strikes! Halfway through the “Freedom Isn’t Free” Cooler Auction to Benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation, eBay shut it down. Now, it’s back up with all of the details the same. Unfortunately, they lost all of the bids so if you participated before, head back over.

1) Cooler_front

Our friends at MATBOCK have come up with a really cool fundraising idea. They have a buddy who makes custom coolers and approached him about doing a 100% Made in USA cooler with a military theme in order to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

A lot of work went into this build. Here you can see the up close, the illustrations burned into the wood.

As an added bonus, the winner will be able to decide what he wants added to the lid.

10) Cooler_Top

They’ve also added a few embellishments to keep with the theme.

This is going to look great in my backyard so go out there and win it as a donation for the SSD home office!

Here’s how it works. Visit the auction on eBay.

How to enter
1) Make your bid and check back to ensure you are the highest bidder
2) Give us a Like on Facebook – Visit MATBOCK on Facebook

– The winner will have the opportunity to pick from three other drawings to complete the top of the cooler or they can submit their own idea to be placed on the top. (this is why we have a longer handling time)
– The cooler will arrive before memorial day weekend
– The auction will last 7 days and ends on 13 May.
– 100% of your bid will be donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation
– MATBOCK will pay for UPS ground shipping

The theme for this cooler is “Freedom isn’t free” because so often we forget the daily sacrifices that people all around the world make to ensure our freedom. Usually only during key events or holidays do people (sadly including us) think about these sacrifices. With this hand built 100% USA made cooler on your porch, patio or even in your garage, you will remember the daily sacrifice, not to mention 100% of your donation will go towards the Navy SEAL Foundation to help the families of the men who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Retail for this cooler is over $900, so lets start bidding!


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3 Responses to ““Freedom Isn’t Free” Cooler to Benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation Relisted on eBay”

  1. Matthew Kime says:

    What was the reason given for ebay removing the previous auction? Lame.

    • SSD says:

      They needed to verify their street address and rather than contact them, they took down the auction.

  2. MATBOCK_CEO says:

    They needed to verify our information. Frustrating that they couldn’t just ask us to verify it before totally pulling it down. Oh well it’s back up and we are ready to help raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation.