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US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort Update

The decision is currently with the Secretary of the Army, The Honorable John McHugh. It is now his announcement to make. For the past month or so I have believed that the Army would make the announcement for the way ahead regarding camouflage on the Army birthday, June 14. This date has been used several times over the past decade to announce uniform changes, starting with both the ACU and UCP in 2004.


We may well see something from the Secretary before then, but I would not get worked up if we don’t see an announcement before the 14th of June.

29 Responses to “US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort Update”

  1. Max says:

    In other words, NSTR.

  2. C. Bristoe says:

    Man 1: “Alright gentleman we have the option to
    A.) send a significant portion of each Brigade combat team to mountaineering, leadership, advanced shooting, IED counter/defeat, and other schooling to make them more effective warfighters.
    B.) Have a “camo improvement” contest…”

    Man 2: “Which one makes us more money?”

  3. JEFF says:

    My money is on 14 June for an announcement. Gotta make a splash. Just out of curiousity I wonder how many new uniforms the gov’t could’ve bought for the $100 million sent to Syria.

    • Max says:

      About a million. Literally.

      • Warheinzen says:

        $250 million now, bro. $250 million.

        So, according to Max’s math, about 2.5 million. Literally.

        • Max says:

          So, according to Warheinzen’s $$$ amount, everyone in the Army could’ve had a nice new camo uniform or three, instead of which that money went to down the drain. Literally.

          • Pro says:

            Actualy a big part of that money went in the pockets of jihadists that fight against us in other war theaters . The same ones that are killing christians among other minoritys in Syria .
            Friends there are no good guys in the Syria war (or there are very few)

  4. Gripen says:

    I’m pondering writing the Secretary of the Army about why he should choose Kryptek. My letter would go like this:

    1) It looks cooler than the other three contenders.
    2) It looks cooler than MARPAT.
    3) It probably works better than MARPAT.
    4) It looks cooler than MARPAT.
    5) Did I mention it looks cooler than MARPAT?
    6) Since it looks cooler than MARPAT, kids will walk past the Marine Corps door at the recruiting station.
    7) It looks cooler than MARPAT.

    I’m not sure I should actually write the letter, though. Wouldn’t want to accidentally jinx Kryptek. 😉

    • Greg says:

      Again with the “cool” factor Lol. This effort isn’t a fashion show bro.

      • Max says:

        I realize that. Just a grunt poking a little fun at the Marine Corps.

        • Max says:

          At least, I hope it’s just a grunt poking fun at the USMC. If not, he plays too much CoD.

          • Greg says:

            Some Crye and Kryptec fans are made up of COD fanatics! Good thing they aren’t incharge, because those are the same people that brought us UCP.

        • Gripen says:

          You win. 😉

  5. Aaron says:

    Fist pound?

  6. Lucky says:

    Personally, I prefer the US4CES pattern, it blends well, looks better, and I’ll actually be able to see name and skill badges and rank, Kryptek is awesome, but you won’t be able to see any of that with that pattern…

  7. Darius137 says:

    I’m guesing US4CES (US Forces, get it?) won, but the industry seems to like Kryptek more.

    I have not heard one thing from Brookwood, and regardless of this pattern, Crye is backordered on Multicam for like ten years, so they’re doing alright.

  8. Wild Bill USMC(Ret) says:

    OK, here it is: Gripen and Lucky make good points. Of course, everybody’s wondering why a retired Marine is bothering about Army camouflage. Well, WE are ALL in this TOGETHER…from cooks and bakers to MPs to CMBT ARMS with FA and INF and AR. (I am ABN and FA combination.) I hate, despise, and can’t stand the colors used for ACU. Obviously, UCP won’t hide anybody in the woods, but it does work in the Pharmacy Area at Walgreen’s. (I have a pair of ACU trousers because my wife likes it, so that’s how I know.) Bottom Line – we are not going to fight inside of a Walgreen’s anytime soon. Therefore, I really like Hyperstealth’s US4CES patterns; and, after last weekends NRA Annual Meeting, I like the Kryptek offerings – especially Highlander (transitional) and Mandrake (woodland). Seeing is believing with the Kryptek. Overall, I think the Army will mix and match their selection with Multicam/OCP because its already proven. Furthermore, no matter which pattern the Army selects, the Air Force still needs something new too so maybe Hyperstealth and Kryptek can both be winners.

    • Gripen says:

      I made a good point? Hold on a sec while I add that to the resume…

      Seriously though, I will be happy with whatever pattern replaces UCP, since I’ll be wearing it.

  9. BradKAF308 says:

    In the pic is he wearing the new stuff? Everybody go squirrel.

  10. Mike B. says:

    I have a feeling that the Army will go with Multicam. But then again after spending so much money on it already that would make since, and since when has the Army made since.. I like what I have seen with the Kryptek pattern. I myself don’t wear a uniform anymore. But I do hope they chose something not Digital like the Hyperstealth version. You can see that stuff up close, and up close also needs to be camo’d up… The Army needs to chose something that will work… I spoke to Greg Thompson at MC some years ago, and they re able to lighten, darken, and change the colours on the MC Pattern. SO maybe they could come up with something greener.. Anyway, I am looking forward to them making “A” decision soon..

  11. AlexC says:

    Everyone is going to be suprised when Brookwood wins…


  12. BlackLion says:

    Will the new camouflage uniforms be issued to conventional forces along with the same solid black rifles? Any chance the “exhaustive study” will address that issue.. perhaps even for consideration as an M4 Carbine “Product Improvement”?

  13. JBAR says:

    How on earth did Brookwood beat out some of the other contenders? Funny how the Aussies are changing to their bunny ear Multicam and ditching their classic uniform, while we are considering adopting something very similar with Brookwood. US4CES is strong. Multicam (or derivative)is already here. Kryptek has really taken off in the past few months. I have to say that it seems to work well. The pattern is very unique and that can work as a pro (popular), or con (least conservative). I would like to see a direct side by side comparison between US4CES and Kryptek in the wild.