Trijicon VCOG


Trijicon recently released the Variable Combat Optical Gunsight or VCOG which is a 1-6×24 variable powered riflescope with an LED illuminated first focal plane Bullet Drop Compensating reticle. It will be offered with an integrated thumbscrew or quick release mount. It features adjustable brightness settings and is powered by a single AA battery. You’ll get about 700 hours out of that battery on settings 4-6.

Here are a few other features.

First focal plane Bullet Drop Compensating reticle

Magnification Adjustments
VCOG-Mag Adjustments

Waterproof to 2 Atmospheres

Available August 2013. As we get closer I’d expect to see this in every gun magazine imaginable.


13 Responses to “Trijicon VCOG”

  1. TM says:

    Should we tell them they misspelled “horseshoe”?

  2. Nick says:

    Thanks for pointing out that tiny text, it made me giggle.

    I hope that the quick release offering is a Larue one since they have been so common on ACOGs in the past. That said the mount won’t matter if the price is wonky.

  3. PLiner says:

    How’s that saying go? ” A day late and a dollar too short”. In this case a “day late and too many dollars” is a suitable saying for this scope. The US Optics new 1-8 is a far better optic for less coin.

  4. Tim Ellwood says:

    “Available August 2013. As we get closer I’d expect to see this in every gun magazine imaginable.”

    Now that pictures are out on it, we will see a airsoft “china clone” in less than 4 weeks. For 69.99

  5. Angry Misha says:

    First observation. Isn’t that “horseshoe” reticle the one patented by GRSC? (patent nos. 7100320 and 7434345B2). I also wonder if Trijicon ever paid Ed Verdugo after they saw the reticle (which were in US Optic Scopes) at Quantico and Lejeune?

    And in regards to US Optics, find me one that doesn’t break. I had the aformentioned reticle in a US Optic Scope while in Iraq (2005) and the rheostat broke about a month after I had it. Also, has US Optics been able to illuminate JUST the horseshoe and is it DAYLIGHT VISIBLE?

    Aside from the dirty pool played by Trijicon, I think this will be a good piece of kit especially if they incorporate tritium into the rest of the reticle for lowlight shooting

    • PLiner says:

      Everything can be broke. But if you can break a US Optics scope you can probably break bowling balls into marbles or maybe you got the (un)lucky one. The US Optics new 1-8 has a user selected illuminated reticle (choice of blue or red) that is daylight visible and changes as does the reticle based on what power you have it on. Compare the VCOG MSRP of $2770 to the US Optics MSRP of $ 2000.00 and the price is only one small thing that is in favor of the US Optics scope. Trijicon is behind the power curve in a lot of ways with the VCOG given what is already out there from other mfgrs.

  6. Mohican says:

    That looks cheap but great!

  7. SvenO says:

    IIRC 2 atmospheres = 10 m water depth, since the pressure is already 1 atmosphere on the water surface and every 10 metres water adds 1 atmosphere.