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Wild Things Power Stretch Top

Wild Things has introduced their Power Stretch in Coyote. They’ve added thumb holes and reworked the chest pocket.



3 Responses to “Wild Things Power Stretch Top”

  1. Nord Trapper says:

    Very nice! It´s good to see some PWS clothing in MIL friendly colors. Does anyone know why Power Stretch hasn´t been added to the oficial clothing system (ECWCS) yet? It includes Polartec Power Dry, 100, 300 etc, but not the PWS, which is quite a pitty, because it´s a great material – elastic, fast drying (plus it´s really not so affected by wet conditions), with great isolation to weight ratio and also a little bit wind resistant.

    Once again – great job by WTG.

  2. CJ (The conservative one) says:

    Woot! I asked them for something like this about a year ago. Good to see it come to fruition!

  3. In addition to the pullover version represented above, we’re also offering a hooded version. We are taking bulk orders now. Interested users should contact Vic Ramos for more information [email protected]. More specifications are coming online soon at Wild Things Tactical